Xi ‘an supervision bureau 6 big remind!Spring Festival is coming, reasonable purchase of health food

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As the Spring Festival is approaching, consumers should beware of false and exaggerated propaganda by criminals claiming the prevention and treatment functions of COVID-19 when buying health food.To help consumer correct choice and scientific edible health food, safeguard consumer legitimate rights and interests, city market supervises bureau clew as follows: 1 health food is food, is not medicaments, cannot replace medicaments to treat disease.Consumers to buy health food, especially children, the elderly and patients with diseases to buy health food, to guard against false exaggerated propaganda behavior, but can not be used for the treatment of disease health food.According to the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, the state implements strict supervision and management of health food and other special food, and health food shall obtain registration certificate or filing certificate according to law.The contents of advertisements for health food shall be examined and approved by the market supervision and administration department of the people’s government of the province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the Central Government where the health food manufacturer is located, and approval documents for advertisements for health food shall be obtained. It shall also state that “this product cannot replace drugs”.The labels and instructions of health food shall not involve the function of disease prevention and treatment.When consumers buy health food, they should recognize and recognize the health food “blue hat” logo and registration number/record number on the product packaging, according to the health care function of health food, suitable for the population, not suitable for the population and other information science choice, and according to the label, the requirements of the manual to eat, by all means avoid blind purchase and use.Information on health food products can be found on the website of the State Administration for Market Regulation.4 Health food to buy legitimate shops.Stores selling health food shall obtain food business license, and their business scope shall indicate the sale of health food.Consumers can buy health food through supermarkets, drugstores, specialty stores and other channels, pay attention to check its food business license, and ask for invoices or sales credentials.5 online purchase of health food, through the formal e-commerce platform, carefully check its food business license and health food registration certificate or record voucher information.Do not credulous source unknown circle of friends, friends, unknown small programs and other wechat business information.Retail imported goods of cross-border e-commerce will be regulated as imported goods for personal use, and will not be subject to the requirements of first import license approval, registration or filing.Consumers should pay attention to the risks of purchase. Before purchase, consumers should carefully and carefully read the content of risk notification on e-commerce websites, make a judgment based on their own risk bearing capacity, and place orders only after agreeing with the content of the notification.6 Consumers found that the use of any way including meetings, lectures, health consulting on health food false publicity, or to buy health food quality and safety questions, can report to the local market regulatory authorities, can also call complaints report telephone: 12315.