What is it about getting sleepy at 3 or 4 p.m. every day?

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Every afternoon three or four sleepy reasons have physiological and pathological points.Physiological reason is mainly work too tense lead to physical fatigue, may also be caused by lack of sleep.The pathologic cause is mainly hypertension and dehydration cannot be ruled out.Many of us have experienced afternoon sleepiness, especially around 3 or 4 o ‘clock.At this time of the day, you feel tired, yawn, and want to sleep.So what happens when you get sleepy at 3 or 4 in the afternoon?1. Working Too hard When you feel sleepy in the middle of the afternoon each day, it’s usually caused by working too hard.If the usual work is relatively busy, almost from the morning to noon, or even without a break at noon, the body will become relatively tired, to three or four o ‘clock in the afternoon is easy to fall asleep.Not getting enough sleep is also a common cause of mid-afternoon sleepiness.Some people have the habit of staying up late. They often go to bed at two or three o ‘clock in the night and get up very early in the morning.Every day sleep is seriously insufficient, in the afternoon will feel particularly sleepy.1. Hypertension If you have high blood pressure, you may feel sleepy around three or four o ‘clock in the afternoon every day.There are usually two peaks in blood pressure, highest between five and six in the morning and elevated around four and six in the afternoon.If the condition of hypertension is more serious, there will be headaches, dizziness and other symptoms, and even drowsiness, which requires timely antihypertensive treatment with drugs.2. Dehydration You can’t rule out dehydration for feeling sleepy around 3 or 4 p.m. every day.After dehydration, the body becomes extremely tired. You can’t concentrate all the time. You also experience headaches and dizziness.If you don’t drink water in time, you will not only feel more sleepy, but also have a lot of negative emotions.