The male technician had sex with the female customer, secretly filmed the passion video, and then tried to blackmail the female customer

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Leisure and entertainment is now a way for young people to relax. Now young people are under great pressure and always want to relax and vent, but at the same time, there are certain hidden dangers.Massage is now a way of relaxation that many people enjoy. In this matter of massage, there are certain differences in itself. Many people think it is not a serious place, which will make people associate with a lot of bad things.Male technician and female customer relationship, but also secretly shot the passion video Xiao Liu is a 90 after the boy, he did not have a high degree of education, primary school graduation has been in the society, saw the people in this world sinister, so, will inevitably learn bad.Especially in the massage shop this kind of place work, is more complicated flow of people, what kind of people have, see more people and things, naturally also become an “old fox”.However, there are always some twists and surprises in life. During liu’s work, she met a female customer who often came to the massage shop for massages.As time passes, Xiao Liu is also very familiar with this female customer, two people are also talking very happy, every time to show xiao Liu to massage himself.Two people clearly know that there is no future, but still choose to have a relationship, this is a catharsis of your feelings and my wishes, even if there is no result, but once owned.Before long, the female customer, and came to the massage shop, and two people had a relationship again, but this time the difference is that the male technician secretly took the video of two people’s passion, it is not about martial arts.Male technician with video threat blackmail female customer, the result failed this male technician in the two people have sex video secretly shot down, soon contacted the female customer, said to give their own home old mother treatment, to the female customer to borrow money, and once is 100 thousand yuan.This was not a small sum of money, and the woman did not pay, so Liu showed his guilty face and threatened them with the video of their sex.He asked the woman to pay him 60,000 yuan or he would expose the video and even spread the news of the affair near the woman’s home.The woman saw the seriousness of the incident, but still did not give the man any money. Instead, she called the police, who held him responsible.Trying to take a shortcut at a young age is really a recipe for disaster. Although this woman made a mistake and betrayed her family, she was very wise in dealing with it.The world is the vicissitudes of life, the gentleman love money to take the way in this world temptation is really very much, in fact, the way to make money is also very much, sometimes, even some people will take some crooked ways to earn some money, but, we should know, god’s mill slow, sure.