Many shops closed, “three pits” did not escape clearance promotion | Wen Innovation Economic Weekly issue 9

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Weekly review: the innovation economy 1) | 2 | 3 | |. 4 5 6 | | 7 | 8 author: Chen1 month, more than three pit with hundreds of thousands of fans original shops announced a closed shop.In the store promotion and clearance, there are also some new products to replace the old store, considerable sales, single hanfu monthly sales of more than 3,000 pieces, part of the JK uniform monthly sales of more than 10,000 pieces, in addition to a number of Lolita monthly sales of thousands.As the year draws to a close, how does each brand perform? The following is a summary of taobao’s “three pits” stores and commodity data in January.(It should be noted that all stores and companies in this article are arranged and summarized based on taobao store display data, and original, genuine and copyright disputes are not included in the discussion.)In January, how did sankeng sell?There are a total of 20 stores on the hot list of Guyun Hanfu, among which 7 are located in Zhejiang Province, 4 in Chengdu, Sichuan province, 3 in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province and 2 in Heze, Shandong Province.In terms of sales data, the New Year suits for tiger’s New Year and Boudoir’s Dream in more than 13 Taobao stores are relatively popular, with monthly sales of more than 3,000 pieces. These two suits belong to the Ming Dynasty Hanfu combined with seasons and festivals.Accessories, with elements of the Year of the Tiger satchel, hats, mobile phone bags are also favored by consumers, single monthly sales of more than 800 pieces.Among the 40 popular hanfu items, not many are co-branded.This is because in terms of the total amount, there are not many co-branded products launched by Hanfu merchants, and the price of some co-branded products is a little higher. In addition, some co-branded products are designed with Chinese elements, all these factors affect consumers’ choice.More than 13 have launched joint models with HIPPOCAMPUS, Disney, King of Glory, Luo Xiaohei, Tang Palace Banquet and other IP and brands.From the current sales situation, Yao Met Divine Deer (king of Glory), Bai Xuehua Dream (Disney Snow White cooperation) sales data is considerable, more than 1,000 pieces of monthly sales.JK treasure store list hot list, also statistics 20 stores, 9 of them from Guangdong, the place of shipment are located in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Huizhou and so on.In addition, there are 4 from Zhejiang province and 3 from Jiangsu Province.40 sell like hot cakes commodity in, the commodity that sells more than 1000 has 25, the vast majority of these commodity is in 200 yuan below, the price of all kinds of small things, case skirt is usually in dozens, 100 head, suit price is a little more expensive.Encore Encore Studio checked skirt collection, Walnut JK Christine monthly sales data are higher, nearly 30 days of sales are more than 10,000 pieces.In addition, a bow tie priced at 5.2 yuan sold more than 20,000 pieces a month.Of Lolita’s top-selling stores, eight are shipped in Zhejiang province, five in Shanghai, two in Wuhan, Hubei province and two in Fuzhou, Fujian Province.Compared with JK, Lolita brands are more concentrated, with three taobao shops of classical dolls and three shops operated by Zaiyi Xinghui entering the list.Among the products with full pre-sale and balance payment, the sales figures of Popcorn OP of Ruike Cat, Yunyingjiluo JSK of Miaoaiqing Cat and The cage sacrifice of Pingkewen were the highest.(from left to right, it is popcorn OP, Yun Yilo JSK, and The jail box Festival) In terms of gold and deposit, NyaNya original Lolita dress “Strawberry flower on the Hill” and “Herb of the Moon” two series, candy vending machine cherry SK half skirt, midsummer Story bee Rabbit series OP, the monthly sales data are more than 1000.Among them, bede Rabbit for cooperation, on January 17 on the new, this series in addition to OP, JSK, but also handbags, brooches, hair bands and other accessories.It is worth mentioning that the clearance and promotion of sankeng products are still continuing.In Chixia’s original Hanfeng shop, for example, though the sales of clearance products declined to a certain degree compared with last month, monthly sales of upper skirts and lower skirts were more than 1,000.In addition, hua Zhao Ji, la La sauce JK, cherry JK, chubby fish JK, a flower uniform museum, MilkyWay Galaxy stars, confessions balloon home and other stores also use blind box, blessing bag form for promotion.What other actions do three pit merchants have?Behind the promotions and clearance are continued store closures.On January 22, the aurora uniform, which has 428,000 fans on Taobao, announced that it would be closed for clearance. The store will be closed for renovation on January 26.On January 20, Lolita, a brand founded 6 years ago, originally designed by Zjstory_Zijin After 455,000 weibo fans, announced that the main store will be closed for renovation, and some of the existing stock will be cleared by blind boxes, and the recovery time is yet to be determined.On January 15, Huajianxi, a Hanfu brand, announced the closure of its shop because the owner’s extra work income was much higher than that of the shop, so he had no time and energy to devote himself to the hanfu market.In fact, from last year to now, the list of shops in sankeng is still very long, in addition to the reasons for closing the shop owner’s work and life changes, there are a lot of inventory overstocked, capital chain fracture.To deal with the current situation of the industry and find new growth is the common proposition of sankeng merchants who are still in operation.From the current merchandise and store overview, we can find some trends.First, sankeng merchants are increasing their product categories to develop more users.Lo dresses with Han elements appear in the main Lolita store, and some of the improved Hanfu have borrowed from JK’s uniform design.Three pit elements can be arranged and combined, largely because users can “pit” each other.On this basis, some shops will also be all kinds of sankeng goods, shunted to franchise stores.On Taobao, it has become the norm for a brand to have multiple sub-stores in addition to the main store.For example, Tokyo at the age of JK in addition to the main store, there are children’s clothing store and two stores;An encore studio is associated with a children’s uniform shop;Sennu tribe, which is positioned as an original girl brand, has uniform stores, Hanfu stores and children’s clothing stores in addition to the main store.In theory, adding sub-stores could attract more types of goods from the brand’s existing users, while also attracting new customers from sankeng enthusiasts.In addition to the transformation of the three pits inside, there are also businesses trying to find external growth, such as white peach soda and cotton doll brand Can duck launched a joint doll clothes, la la sauce JK and Qdoll Choo Flower cooperation clothes.In industry discussions, cotton dolls and three-pit costumes are always put into the pan-two-yuan consumption.Due to the partial overlap of consumer groups, those cotton dolls from Weibo, Taobao and Wechat stores are the first choice for offline development.For example, on January 18, cotton Doll brand Tea Rabbit entered cat Galaxy.And before that, shining warm warm and strawberry universe cooperation butterfly little Nikki doll, also used to sell in twelve light years of stores.In addition to serving as an offline sales channel, the cooperation between Cotton Doll brand and Sankeng brand also has the possibility to solve the problems in doll design, copyright and production, that is, to launch the doll clothes of the same style as JK uniform, or some small batch orders will have the chance to be accepted by the factory.In addition to operating online business, Sankeng brand also lays out offline physical stores to build brand influence.When HE returned to Hantang, he once mentioned to SWEMentertainment that the establishment of brand physical stores is not only to establish its own sales channels in addition to the e-commerce platform, but also to create offline experience channels of Hanfu.Last year, twelve Light years, Cat Galaxy, Poems and Flowers mirror successively obtained financing, also said that the financing will be used for offline channel development, store experience optimization.So in the future, will there be more possibilities for three pits offline?