Langzhong: Colorful year common make spring beautiful lamp decoration add New Year flavor

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On New Year’s Day, red lanterns are hung high, and ancient streets and alleys are flourishing.Langzhong Ancient City scenic area has carefully planned a series of Cultural activities during the Spring Festival while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, giving visitors a feast for their eyes.Reporters in the streets of the ancient city and various attractions to see, a string of lanterns hanging head, a variety of red lanterns set off a thriving atmosphere, tourists comfortable walking in the streets of the ancient city, enjoy the thick taste of the ancient city.In the ancient city of Zhongtian Tower, the Spring Festival blessing of the elderly, dragon and lion dance, stilts, bamboo and horse ox lamp, ba Elephant encouragement, Zhang Fei city tour, scholars and other folk parade orderly gathered.Dragons and lions jump, singing and dancing.Langzhong’s unique culture is fully demonstrated by one traditional folk performance after another, showing visitors its history, culture, local customs and unique flavor as the birthplace of the Spring Festival.The tourists said to the tiger that it was the first time to visit langzhong Ancient City in the New Year, and the children, especially after watching these little shows, were very happy and had a strong Smell of New Year.Learned, during the lunar New Year holiday, the city continues to build the tourism industry, constantly perfect the content and form of folk culture, the ancient city at the same time, not only can the tourists feel the theme of the novel, unique cultural activities, also can improve the participation of tourists and interactive, let visitors feel the atmosphere is not the same as in the ancient city of one thousand Spring Festival.At the same time, the city fully launched the spring lighting project, both sides of the main streets of the city are decorated with all kinds of small lights, festive, peaceful atmosphere for the city into a thick New Year flavor and New Year vitality.At badu Avenue, Qili Avenue, Maxiaxi Jialing River Bridge, and Levant Road, red lanterns are hung high, and some trees on both sides of the road are decorated with lanterns of different shapes, such as Chinese Dream, Old Man Falling Hong during the Spring Festival and Little Star.As night falls, the lights come on, looking at the streamer overflow, festival and peace.Citizen Dai Hongying said: “I turned on qili side of the road, I saw the street lights are so beautiful, colorful, gorgeous.I think the atmosphere of the festival is very festive.We have learned, in line with “saving, concise air, highlighting the festival atmosphere, makes the prosperous New Year”, the principle of our city this year a large number of adopted LED energy-saving lamps and lanterns, build scenery ensures low power consumption at the same time, to take the form of multiple node layout will beauty, festival culture, such as multiple elements together, create a multi-level, three-dimensional city at night,Create a fresh style of “one street, one scene” Spring Festival atmosphere.