Jet modeling leads the car tide, Trumpchi shadow leopard order fire in the store

2022-06-01 0 By

New second generation GS8 shock launch!Fuel oil series starting at 186,800;Hybrid series 228,800 for sale!Super long warranty: 5 years or 150,000 km vehicle warranty;Battery carefree gift: power battery enjoy 8 years or 200,000km warranty policy, for the first owners to buy battery carefree insurance (except operating vehicles), enjoy “no limit on life, no limit on mileage” power battery carefree protection;Financial gift: as low as 0 down payment, enjoy 12-60 periods of low interest plan, up to a financial discount of 5000 yuan;Replacement gift: the whole brand enjoy 5000 yuan replacement subsidy;Traffic gift: free basic traffic for life, free entertainment traffic for 3 years (4G/ month);Travel free gift: 5-year free road rescue service launched with 98,300 units!Quadruple surprise, timed departure.Save the flying gift: “pass chess wisdom to choose” car purchase plan, first try to buy, experience consumption, not happy to change;Save to fly gift: super 0 down payment, up to 7000 yuan of financial discount;Huan to fly gift: to high 5000 yuan replacement subsidy;Enjoy the flying gift: vehicle Internet service traffic free for life.From 126,800 yuan: carefree gift: 588 yuan enjoy 3 years of 6 basic maintenance;Super 0 down payment can enjoy 0 interest for 3 years up to 7000 financial gifts;Lifetime free basic traffic, 3 years of entertainment traffic;To the store test drive send summer cool gift super 0 down payment, up to 3 years to send strong insurance and million driving insurance (or large loan, three years ultra-low interest rate 2.99%) up to 5000 yuan replacement subsidy.Full scene luxury enjoy large MPV daily for only 28.8 yuan to as high as 8000 yuan new subsidies!Super 0 down payment, up to 8000 yuan discount;Can enjoy 3 years 0 interest, up to 5000 yuan replacement subsidy.The event will run from February 16, 2022 to February 16, 2022