It’s about jobs!Zuo Banner will hold the 2022 Large-scale job fair of Beijing and Mongolia To Help spring Breeze

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Bahraini Left Banner Employment Service Center informed employers and job seekers of holding the 2022 Large-scale job fair of Beijing-Mongolia Spring Breeze Assistance Action: To implement the deployment of COVID-19 prevention and control by the Banner government, epidemic prevention and control and employment services should be carried out simultaneously.The Banner Employment Service Center decided to hold the “2022 Beijing-Mongolia Spring Breeze Assistance Large-scale Job Fair” to build a free recruitment and job hunting service platform for employers and job seekers and effectively provide employment security services during the epidemic prevention and control period.Is presently as follows recruitment related matters notice: a spring breeze send warm, activity theme Employment to send love 2, activity time on February 18, 2022 (January 18) session 1 day three, activity place Lin Dongdong downtown pedestrian street xinhua square 4, 1, flag service object have labor demand of all kinds enterprise inside and outside, shunyi district, unit of choose and employ persons;2. Migrant workers stranded in employment places due to the epidemic, labor in rural and pastoral areas who have the intention to transfer to employment, migrant workers returning to their hometown and returning to work, former college graduates, demobilized soldiers and other job-seeking personnel.In particular, we will help people out of poverty, low-income people in rural pastoral areas, and people with employment difficulties in urban areas.1. Employers and job seekers meet and negotiate on site, two-way selection;2. Employment and entrepreneurship policy publicity and consultation, etc.1. Barin Left Banner Employment Service Center is responsible for the organization, coordination and scheduling of activities;2. Weiyun Cultural Media co., Ltd. shall cooperate with relevant units to do recruitment registration, activity publicity, venue layout, electricity consumption at the venue, etc.;3, each sumu township and sub-district labor security offices are responsible for organizing recruitment enterprises and all kinds of job seekers within their jurisdiction to attend the conference.1. Registration time: from now on to 12 o ‘clock on February 16 (the sixth day of the first lunar month);Registration place: Room 435, 4th Floor, Barin Left Banner Employment Service Center;3. Flag Employment Service Center Contact: Zhao Weili Tel: 0476-7895527 Chifeng Weiyun Culture Media Co., LTD Contact: Bu Limin Tel:1. The Employment Service Center of Barin Left Banner is responsible for arranging the booth of participating employers, and preparing 1 table and 2 chairs for the first 40 employers. The next 40 employers need to bring their own desks and chairs.2. Recruitment units need to arrange 1-2 staff on site;3. Participants should observe the order of the conference and follow the unified arrangement of the conference staff.Bahrain Left Banner Employment Service Center February 7, 2022 Source: Bahrain Left Banner Employment Service Center