In 2000, a young man in Jiangxi province mummified his father in accordance with his will

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Our country has a long history and has bred various cultures with Chinese characteristics, among which funeral culture is one of them.For the traditional funerary culture, it is generally earth burial, and then derived cremation, water burial, etc., but there is still a unique funerary mode in Our country, that is “urn burial”.But from ancient times to now, although most of them only appear in folklore and Buddhism.However, because Chinese people are deeply impressed by the idea of “burying the dead in the ground for peace”, coupled with the difficulty of “cylinder burial”, although this funeral mode exists in China, there are few successful cases of funeral.However, in 2000, one of the few “cylinder burial” was actually carried out in Jiangxi province, and it was successful, but it drew strong opposition from the surrounding villagers.So why does the family want to be “buried in a VAT”, and why is it strongly opposed by everyone?The man who insisted on “urn burial” was Lin Guanrong, an ordinary farmer from Shanggrao, Jiangxi Province, who was born in 1925.Like his ancestors, Lin Guanrong has been living a life facing the loess.After all, Lin Guanrong was born in the Republic of China, when warlords and Japanese invaders invaded, and people’s lives became more and more bitter day by day.Lin Guanrong lives in a village at the foot of Lingshan mountain.Speaking of lingshan, it is a famous Buddhist mountain in Jiangxi province.Since the warlords were fighting among themselves and the people were poor, many people placed their hopes on bodhisattvas and placed their hopes on the spiritual world.Lin Guanrong is no exception, because his home is closer to the Mountain, so Lin Guanrong dozen childhood, basically every day to the temple running on the mountain.Later, Lin guangrong grew up and went to the temple more and more frequently. Later, he even meditated and chanted sutras with the monks of the temple. In his spare time, Lin Guangrong would also come to the temple to do volunteer work.Even though the standard of living at that time was not rich, Lin Guan-rong would squeeze out money every year as the temple incense money.He would go to this temple every festival to burn incense. He was a devout Buddhist with no problem.Later, Lin Guanrong got married and had a child. He named the child Lin Shangshui, which means “the best is like water”. Under his influence, his wife and son also began to believe in Buddhism.Time flew to the 1860s, Lin Guanrong began to eat meat, and even saw meat disgusting, for meat had obvious resistance or even disgust.So the family specially prepared a set of tableware for Lin Guanrong, so after this, it is a set of tableware in the family, Lin Guanrong a set of tableware, this habit has been maintained until Lin Guanrong died.Later, Lin simply took rice, vegetables and his own utensils and went to the temple to eat with monks. Now, Lin Has become half a monk in the temple except for sleeping at home at night and occasionally going to the fields to do farm work.Once Lin Guanrong went home at night, because of the muddy road to go down the mountain, Lin Guanrong fell several times. Later, he heard that many older people in the village wanted to go to the temple to offer incense and worship Buddha, but the road was muddy and steep, so he had to give up.Lin guangrong then had a bold idea to build a road to the mountain.However, it was nearly two kilometers from the village to the temple. Lin Guangrong wanted to bring people with him, but others thought it was not necessary. They were busy with their own fields.So Lin guangrong had to build the road by himself.He chiseled the rock out of the cliff and spread it on the ground.And so day after day, after years of hard work, the road was finally completed, with more than two thousand steps.For a time Lin Guanrong in the village prestige increased, became the village “Lin Da good man”.As a devout Buddhist, Lin guanrong went to the temple more often and learned more about Buddhist culture after the road was built.At this time, he heard about the “VAT burial”. After the “VAT burial”, it only takes 1,000 days and nights to become a Buddha in the flesh. After treatment, it can become a statue like the Buddha in the temple.This aroused Lin Guanrong’s great interest.He went to the temple for countless times in his life, saw the statue of the temple to accept people’s worship, Lin Guanrong also want to die can accept the descendants of worship, pray let him always protect their descendants.So the idea of “cylinder burial” began to become more and more firm in Lin Guanrong’s mind.He again before also mentioned with his son Lin Shangshui, but at that time the son also just laughed, and did not take it seriously.Until February 2000, Lin Suffered a stroke and was sent to the hospital for treatment. During the more than 20 days in the hospital, Lin kept talking to his son about “cylinder burial” after death.The son looked at his dying father on the bed and agreed.Finally Lin Guanrong or failed to save, driving crane west.His son Lin Shangshui fulfilled his father’s wish to begin the implementation of “cylinder burial”.This matter, the whole village to oppose, even Lin Guanrong often go to the temple monks also came to oppose, we still want to suggest that Lin Shangshui let his father buried.At this time Lin Shangshui know “tank burial” trouble and expenditure, also hesitated, but think of their father this is the only wish, or ruthless heart to adhere to the implementation of “tank burial”.Lin Shangshui according to the steps in the ancient books, customized a large VAT, bought relevant moisture-proof materials and lime water, put his father’s body in.Three years later, according to the instructions to reopen, at this time many villagers came to Linshangshui home to watch the fun, Linshangshui surprised to find his father’s body is not rotten, just some wrinkled ba, some black.According to the requirements of the book, the body was coated with thick lime and made into a statue. Then he dressed the body with clothes and put the statue on the second floor of his house. He would go to burn incense and offer sacrifices every day.But it caused bad feelings in the village.Because after all, it’s a dead man in his house.Deeply influenced by traditional Chinese culture, this is definitely taboo.Therefore, the original quite good friends with a wide range of Lin, temporarily between people are afraid to go to the door, even linshangshui out, some villagers saw to go around.Lin Shangshui helpless to explain “cylinder burial”, but the villagers do not listen to this, Lin Shangshui is also very helpless.Summary some people say that Lin Shangshui regardless of the eyes of others, adhere to the completion of his father’s will, this is a very rare filial piety;But some people think that the old man should be buried as soon as possible, should not be so toss, this is irreverent big unfilial.Others thought that Lin guangrong was thinking too much, that he was doing his son too much trouble, that he was putting his family in a situation that everyone avoided, and that he was also bringing trouble to his neighbors and the villagers of the village.But there’s no way to say for sure, everyone has their own opinion, what do you think?