If you want to apply for the national Energy Spring recruitment, you need to know this

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| tianjin public information state energy group, is the central state-owned enterprises in the straight tube backbone state-owned enterprise reform pilot enterprises, state-owned capital investment company.It is the world’s largest coal production company, thermal power company, wind power company and coal to oil and coal chemical company.Ranked 101st in the World’s top 500 in 2021.Such a strong state-owned state-owned enterprise, every spring and autumn campus recruitment is a good opportunity, as long as the full-time unified recruitment points of fresh graduates (including two years of employment period unemployed graduates) can participate in.Let’s take a look at the spring recruitment of national energy in the past three years. The annual recruitment scale is about 1,000 people. The announcement is mainly made in mid-April, and the written examination is conducted in May.If you want to enter the National Energy Group through school recruitment, you must understand the written examination and interview of the campus recruitment of national energy.Judging from previous recruitment tests, the written examination of National Energy Group includes comprehensive knowledge, verbal comprehension, number operation, logical reasoning, thinking strategy and data analysis.There are 100 questions and the exam lasts 90 minutes.Simply speaking, it is the knowledge point of enterprise culture, current politics and line measurement.The form of interview is organized by each subsidiary company, mainly in the form of structured interview and semi-structured interview, and some companies examine non-leadership group discussion.02, comprehensive knowledge survey line part for the students are familiar with, the national energy group for comprehensive knowledge of survey, mainly from the corporate culture and current events, etc., need to emphasise that more focus on current political affairs and national energy group related news as a test, to test your understanding of the national energy group.Corporate culture mainly focuses on core values, development strategies and so on.The core values of the group culture include the company’s goals, strategies, purposes, missions, core values, enterprise spirit, brand advertising and logo, which together constitute a complete system.(1) the company goal: to create a globally competitive world-class demonstration enterprises (2) the company strategy: a target type, three, five, seven class one goal: building globally competitive world-class energy group three enterprises: create innovative, leading type, enterprise value five development: promoting clean production, integration, refinement, wisdom, internationalization development seven class:To achieve first-class safety, first-class quality, first-class benefit, first-class technology, first-class talent, first-class brand, first-class party construction ③ Company purpose: to empower the society, to help the economy ④ Company mission: energy supply ballast stone, energy revolution pioneer ⑤ core values: green development, the pursuit of excellence ⑥ Enterprise spirit:Standard color: national flag red, party emblem gold, elegant black company logo: adhere to the unified standard, classified application, accurate location, clear and eye-catching principle (source:National Energy Group official website) corporate culture is not boring, there are also some interesting topics, such as the identification of which is the corporate logo of national energy, which are the four “largest in the world” of national energy, etc., we need to know more and accumulate more in daily life.For more information on exam preparation, please visit Tianjin Zhongguo State-owned Enterprise information.