Which one would you choose, a white-collar worker with a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan or a pet shop owner with a monthly salary of 30,000 yuan?

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There are thousands of answers to this question. What do you want?If you have enough food and clothing, no struggle, do not love pets, then I suggest you to be a cute white-collar, comfortable life is also good.Even if the contract system is adopted, it will not affect people s life if the company goes bankrupt or they get laid off when they get old.After all, the family is well off.But if you need to support your family, want to accumulate wealth, want to change your life, but also love pets, love.That would be the perfect choice to open a pet store.Let’s not and that kind of monthly income of 7-80 million or even nearly 100 thousand pet shop than, because people’s capital is big, investment, business return is naturally high;You don’t have to worry about losing money or making money, because as long as you do your business carefully and do a good job of service, customers will naturally choose your store.Let’s focus on the small goals that are easiest to achieve.First a month to earn 30 thousand!If you earn 30,000 yuan a month, you must have a good understanding of the pet shop, a good choice, and a sincere determination to provide good service.Unlike traditional hotels, pet shops are very replicable. Unlike traditional hotels, pet shops involve many problems, especially joining a one-stop pet platform will be easier to start and get started, saving time and cost.With the opening of the replicative franchise, the purchased goods will be cheaper and cheaper, and the profit margin will be large.A pet shop that earns 30,000 yuan a month must have been open in the local area for at least half a year and has fixed group consumption.There’s no denying it.In this stream of people, if put in some good city, it definitely can be attached to the open, because you are already familiar with the shop the whole preparation and operation, at the same time, many shop business can even more saving cost of choose and employ persons, for the new store location, decoration, with traffic, the success rate is rising significantly.Follow-up income, the extent of the increase, the possibility is quite large.There are many owners who opened a store first in pet pet chain.Ran after a period of time to open a new choice, even there are 2-3 new stores, their employees can be 2-3 stores in their transfer of each other, that is if a store need 2 beautician, so his normal 2 stores need four, but he can only hire three, so that employees can how many flexible scheduling according to the business,It saves one person’s labor costs and doesn’t hurt the business.There are many such investment bosses.Maybe some people think 30,000 is not much more than 10,000, many people ignore a problem more than 30,000 a month and 10,000 a month, the income gap between the two, is not only 3 times as simple, the deposit will be more and more, it is easier to buy a house, but also have spare money to invest.However, with a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan, it is difficult to achieve asset accumulation and appreciation.And 30 thousand a month, a hundred thousand a year is not light light?Money, it makes money.Shall not be reproduced without the permission of small pet, commercial.More open pet shop knowledge pay attention to the “small pet entrepreneurship guidance Center” public number.Xiaopei pet official website (http://www.petkit.cn) comprehensive collation, if you need to quote or reprint, please indicate the source, only for reference, exchange purposes.