Wait for the party’s big victory, graphics card prices start, let’s see which one is your type

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Often pay attention to the graphics card news players, must know that this period of time began, the price of the entire graphics card market began to have a callback, and the extent of almost a day a price, so many people also began to plan to update their old computer.But before we do that, LET’s take a look at the differences between different graphics cards and find out which one is right for you and how you can buy it without overpaying.Although now the domestic 3A player is not a few, but most people for the computer demand is to be able to open black with friends in leisure time, play a few LOL or eat chicken just.For this type of user, too high-end graphics card is obviously a waste of budget, a decent performance of the entry-level sweet spot graphics card will be enough, newsscape RX 6500XT black Wolf edition can meet the needs of this type of user.In terms of core specifications, the card has 1024 streaming processors in RDNA2 architecture and 4GB of high frequency GDDR6 video memory.It doesn’t look luxurious, but in fact its performance is not bad, because its core frequency can run directly to 2825MHz, this frequency is even higher than the higher-end RX 6700XT and RX 6800XT, so even the mainstream AAA masterpiece, under the condition of slightly sacrificing the picture quality can still run smoothly.It is worth mentioning that the RX 6500XT of this Black Wolf version retains the strong heat dissipation of the non-public version while the length of the entire card is only controlled at 233mm, so there is almost no need to worry about compatibility. Many small MITX cases can be easily inserted.Console games have been supported in 4K since the last generation compared to PC, and while the board rendering is not as good as native 4K, it is still much better than 1080P and 2K graphics.Many PC players, excited to switch to 4K monitors, found that even the previous top graphics card, the RTX 2080Ti, could not run mainstream games smoothly at this resolution, and had to reduce the rendering resolution and sacrifice the quality of the image to save frames.If you are an AAA gamer looking for 4K quality, this generation of Incrowd RTX 3080 Ti Gaming X3 is for you.It has a whopping 10,240 CUDA cores, more than twice as many as the RTX 2080Ti, and most major AAA games can run in 4K native.Even for games that aren’t individually polished enough, DLSS can be a smooth, immersive experience once you start.In fact, this card is more like a “youth version” of the RTX 3090, as it has 16% more specifications than the RTX 3080, and is very close to the RTX 3090 in terms of parameters except for the size of the video memory, while the price is much cheaper than the RTX 3090. It is a very cost-effective high-end video card.Ordinary 3A players — RTX3080 star MAX OC, Suotai RTX3080-12G6X Revelation OC for a considerable part of 3A game players, and can not consider the cost of high-end hardware, after all, the promotion of the graphics card also means that other hardware with high, otherwise will become a constraint on the release of graphics card performance bottleneck.But want to get a relatively strong performance in a relatively reasonable price range.The RTX 3080, positioned one notch lower, is a better choice.The Shadow RTX 3080 Star MAX OC is one of the graphics cards THAT I personally highly recommend, as it is one of the rare graphics cards with a light color scheme that works well with a white case.The RTX 3080 also features three special fans and a full-cover radiator designed to stabilize the core temperature under high load conditions for improved performance.Of course, in the performance of the strong appearance level is high enough at the same time, also can’t forget RGB.This video card can be directly regulated through VRGB cable and motherboard connector through motherboard manufacturer’s light effect software, so as to obtain unified box light effect.In addition to the white case, there are quite a few players like that kind of mecha style full of cool case, then I would recommend the RTX3080-12G6X Apocalypse OC.The overall design of this graphics card is very “cyberpunk”, angular shell plus “The ring of the Apocalypse” ARGB light effect, a glance can let people remember.In order to prevent GPU core performance from being limited by video memory speed, THIS RTX 3080 uses GDDR6X video memory, but at the same time, it also brings the problem of high power consumption and high heat. Video memory alone can reach the power consumption of low-end video cards.So RTX3080-12G6X Apocalypse OC specially added two small auxiliary fans in the back, can further reduce the core, video memory, power supply temperature, even if you are overclocked players do not need too much change heat dissipation.It should be noted that although this card is full of material, the thickness also came to more than 6 cm.If it is a common ITX motherboard may have the problem of blocking the expansion slot, it is suggested that we try to match ATX level of large size motherboard.There are still a very small number of people, some of them are avid gamers who pursue 4K high frames or even 8K resolution, some are part-time game creators, and some are professionals who have rigid requirements for 3D rendering, modeling, deep learning and so on.What they want is not just core performance that is “explosive”, but memory that is big and fast, and that requires a “Card King” -rated RTX 3090.And in many of the RTX 3090 non public, this RTX 3090 dazzle light tillage I personally recommended a.One of the main reasons is the unusual diamond-shaped light effect, and the unique design of the clashing colors.At the same time, the heat dissipation capacity of the whole card is further strengthened. The 7 composite heat conduits can quickly export the heat, and the nickel-plated design can ensure that the oxidation discoloration is not easy to occur after long-term use.More than hardware, software cultivation also has certain advantages.This video card supports GW-Soul control software, which not only can monitor the video card information intuitively, but also can carry out one-key overfrequency, which is very difficult to get started.Conclusion: While graphics cards are still expensive for many gamers, I also recommend that you pick the right one and add it to your shopping cart first.Because according to the current market, graphics card price has become an inevitable trend, when it will certainly bring a large number of players to buy, early preparation can buy their favorite graphics card.