Players Championship final, Robertson king invincible dream opening, hodgson single shot 137 back

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Beijing time on February 13, 21, the players Championship final kicked off, by the Eagle Hawkins versus radish Robertson, the two history of 27 times, radish to 16 wins, 1 draw 10 losses to maintain the lead.This evening, xiao Tong and many fans are optimistic that Radish will win the title, especially in the last match between the two is in the final of the Masters, radish scored 10:Won 4 win Hawkins, promenading career ranking title, 21 big radish was extraordinarily brave invincibility, full 2 single lever hundreds and 6 pole 50 +, attack, firing, Australia gun point, as for the old huo, career won the Paul hunter classic title since 2019, impress again, repeatedly regrets championship semi-final or loss or embarrassing tragedy,Helpless, so, fans jokingly old Huo is the millennium second.Before the final of the Players Championship, Hawkins first defeated Zhao Xintong in the round of 16 6:3, delaying Her dream of winning the triple crown in a single season, and pouring ice dun Dun into the hearts of Tong and many fans.In the final 8, yan Bingtao, the strongest after 00, double killed the Chinese general, once let the small tong and sentient beings in mind;Final 4, 6:2 victory over the gladiator richie – Wharton, successfully qualified for the final, the strength is not to be underestimated, should be impressed, hopefully to win the championship again.As for radish Robertson, this season has won three championships, steady style, good strength, the age of the leader, growth can be expected to become the leader of the 1980s, this event, the round of 16, 6:4 beat brother Wilson, above, strength talk;8 match, slow work out of the fine work, 6-3 win aggressive rocket O ‘Sullivan, the champion has revealed, after the rocket big kua kua, praise;Final 4, Derby 6:1 victory over the dark horse Jimmy Robertson, majestic, stirring, especially in the fourth, if it is not in the fight for the black ball and a goal to slug, intended to work on, without warning, rushed out of the stem leakage ball and let Jimmy gift, otherwise, Jimmy has been six innings zero may seal and humiliation, so, after Jimmy should please big radish drinking a small glass of wine a thank him hand, not put himself to strip.Big radish and Hawkins final started, 10 wins of 19 bureau system, divided in the first half of the second half, the first half of the first 8 bureau, the second half of the next morning at 3 a.m., Tong and many fans pain and happiness.The game began: the first game, the radish opened the ball leakage, Hawkins hand has entered and even hit with kick successfully opened the red ball pile, from one shot to win, single stroke zero win, the score of 91:0, the total score of 1:0, the radish played blue unceasingly, more charming.The second game, or Hawkins took the lead in the long stage hand, the field applaud unceasingly, however, not a few shots, attack stop, the ball back to radish, finally both sides piecemally, no one shot to win, finally radish won 64:18, the total score 1 even.In the third frame, despite hodgson hitting a 55, the balance of victory tipped to Robertson, who again won 75-55 for a 2-1 total and began to reverse his lead.Fourth, fifth, sixth round, deep snooker goddess love of Robertson, suddenly great power, rod like a god help, start that attack, one attack that, crazy home three single stroke over 100 zero, win three rounds, total 5:1, swallow the long river, heroic clouds, have a ride away from the meaning of the three single pole 107, 105, 130, and the old Huo three degrees of field sitting insipidity, almost the sofa sitting rotten.The seventh game, has no retreat, only huashan a way to go Hawkins, refused to be Robertson won six games, several hand, to 71-0 win, the total score 5:2, began to fight back.The eighth inning, two people play defensive kick-off, who all don’t want to meaningless error and give the ball to each other, especially big radish forward a rod is better than hundred, unstoppable barb and determined, and the old Mr Any small mistake inevitably doomed, inevitable, on the see-saw constantly, a big radish pole cue ball and bag and Hawkins long accurate sharp to fit inWon bursts of applause, at this point, one can not be stopped, the pole has entered, a clear stage, risk hit 147, single pole 137, the score 141:0, the total score 5:3, again held Robertson forward.Who will win the Players Championship? Tong is still adamant that Robertson will win 10:6 and win the championship with great momentum. If you have different opinions, please clap your hands.