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Yellow cliff of the head of China is not a popular historical book, but attempts to a new concept of “civilization” to understand the Chinese civilization is how to produce, and as the origin of civilization, the Chinese pre-qin culture contains the core value, the value and how to nourish the spirit of the Chinese people, to make the incense to endless miles of civilization.This book is lofty and ambitious, and has a strong realistic orientation.Author: yellow cliff press: huashan art and literature press publication date: what isn’t “civilization” in July 2013 when this article discusses the concept of civilization, most historians focus on objects, fo, currency, and so on the existence of such substantive, but the existence of civilization is not a thing, not even fully equal to the technology behind this kind of thing.Even if “writing”, which is generally considered as the essential factor of civilization, only stays at the level of instrumentality and usability, it is hard to say that knowing words necessarily means having civilization.Moya’s book made me reflect on such concepts of civilization.Moya points out: bronze is not necessarily history.Of course, civilization is inseparable from the progress of material technology, but material technology itself is not civilization, material technology means means, means the power of conquest, and civilization is a state of mind, a spiritual attitude, a cultural bearing.Civilization, of course, is about political power, but it is not about power itself, it is more about the ideal political form, or “justice”.Moya pointed out: “Ding itself is nothing but utensils, ‘not utensils’ is the culture.”Even if man can be armed to the teeth, it is only a demonstration of the animal power of man, not civilization itself.Traditional historians understand certain conditions of the possibility of civilization, not civilization itself.These elements are not necessary or sufficient for civilization.The so-called “such as cut such as play.Such as cut, such as grinding, “that’s about all the material conditions and technical means more than just the ability to conquer nature, and it also constitutes a natural (animal) to one of a kind of mold, and in the process of the mold make people out of the beast, out of ignorance, made the human nature is exquisite and rich, the basic values, aesthetic consciousness, civilization.What is “civilization”? The existing historical writing focuses more on material, technology and utensils. Huang Moya does not mince words that civilization must be “arrogant” and “not arrogant is not enough to get rid of ignorance”.I think this arrogance may be the basic spiritual posture of civilization.Not only does it require a kind of arrogance to rise above ignorance, but civilization, once it has come into being, sets up its opposite.What is civilization?Civilization is a form of value, which is the opposition between the great and the great.Civilization points to the nobility of human nature.In the heads of China, the concept of civilization symbol by the “head” of this image, it has to do with “the courage, of dedication of the wisdom of life, the dignity of personality, social ideal and the faith of history”, this is a community, deliberate and obtained the hard way, the value didn’t seem to be so precious, need to carefully care.Civilization means to establish a higher spiritual standard and value standard for oneself.Civilization is a kind of appeal, “far people refuse to accept, then wende since.”If you refuse, I will fight you.It’s not civilization, it’s violence.The arrogance of Chinese civilization is not reflected in violence, but in the style and temperament formed by the nobility of this civilization. Ethnic groups holding higher ideals are naturally more confident in their own cultural appeal and influence.King Wu also did not carry out ethnic cleansing, so the development of Chinese civilization to the Western Zhou Dynasty appeared the so-called “classical ritual and music federalism”.King Wu’s feudalism and the ritual and music system of the Duke of Zhou complemented each other. The ritual and music harmonized all nations, bonded each vassal state, even inspired the barbarians, and weathered the world.In Moya’s opinion, “civilization is history, the prehistoric period before entering civilization, the culture before entering civilization is prehistoric culture”.That is to say, the concept of history and the concept of civilization are inseparable, without civilization there is no history.If history is regarded as a development process, this process is not a cycle in the natural sense, nor a process of empty time, but the generation and perfection of civilization.The formation and perfection of this civilization is finally reflected in the continuous enrichment and maturity of human nature.The core of history is civilization, and the goal of civilization is man.This means that history is a possibility unfolding towards the integrity of human nature.Therefore, we can see that the historical development from Shang to Zhou is not only the evolution of technology, the transformation of generation mode and the improvement of political system, but also the deepening and improvement of people’s ideas and emotions.The superstition of ghosts and gods was gradually replaced by the concept of heaven and the principle of virtue, and people’s emotions became richer and more delicate, which was vividly reflected in the poems expressing love in the Book of Songs.Such a convoluted, deep expression of emotion would not have been possible before.These are the fruits of civilization.However, in Moya’s opinion, the possibility of the unfolding of history does not mean that there is only one ultimate goal of history, but to “return to the original state of things, fully evaluate the complexity of human affairs, and believe that history has multiple possibilities.”Each possibility is rooted in a specific historical context, so the ideal form of civilization is not necessarily unitary.Each ethnic group has its own historical situation, in the specific historical situation due to the change of the past and the future.Confucius said: “Yin due to the summer ceremony, the gains and losses can be known;Zhou due to yinli, profit and loss, also known.””Although Zhou was an old state, its mandate was reform”.History must be constantly unfolding in new contexts, and the premise of unfolding is to have a sense of consciousness of existing civilization.Without consciousness, there is no imagination of the future, and we are subject to all kinds of savage forces.History is the consciousness of civilization, only the consciousness can launch history.Not all groups that have existed in history are historical groups.Huang Moya pointed out that the ancient tribal forces at that time, although strong, but in addition to the Yin and Zhou, belong to “no historical groups.”For example, “Qiang Fang” lacks a cultural concept beyond blood ties to unite the ethnic group. They lack both the ability to trace back to the past and the vision to look into the future.Their desire is more controlled by the environment, pointing to their current survival needs, they lack the basic historical consciousness.The frailty of civilization makes history very easy to be interrupted, and the historical ethnic group is also easy to become the non-historical ethnic group.”No nation is born; all nations are identified with each other.Whether born or dead, there must be a successor, and someone must recognize him.”A civilization must be rebuilt, and a civilization without reconstruction has no history.In this era of civilization conflict, the undisputable self-evident nature of heaven and Tao, once the ultimate root of Chinese civilization, has long been dispelled.Civilizations take many forms, our choices seem to be more diverse, we can be successors to civilizations, we can also seem to identify with another “civilization.But looking back on the past, those melancholy rules and regulations system, the kind of gentle life atmosphere, those noble attitude and outstanding character can let a person forget!”We should not lose our confidence and respect for our national culture. We should have a sympathetic understanding and warm respect for the history of Chinese civilization, and we should also have full expectations for the future of the Chinese people,” Moya said.Civilization is important today, of course, but it is equally important to engage civilization in universal competition as an ability to argue and to look to the future.Click on the picture to view details source | Author of Tuanbao | Editor liu Tairan | Executive producer Liu Na | Chen Hao Highlights in one minute
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