Listen to nian’s voice

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After the New Year dinner, the son they feel trapped in a tall building boring, or go out to play for a while, back is nearly midnight.The gala went on in the living room, and the host was still passionately stirring up the weary audience.I don’t know if they’re tired or dry.I had second tea anyway.It is said that you can’t drink strong tea at night, because it will keep you awake. In fact, what you really want is this effect.I need a clear head to listen to the sound of the New Year.Since the Spring Festival in Tongling a few years ago, nian’s voice is only seen in the mouth of the host on TV.The host’s face is changing, the voice to welcome the New Year has not changed, the expression has not changed, is still so full, so passionate.In their call ten seconds countdown, I also followed the number, count to “one”, see the New Year came to the voice, celebrating the ocean in front of me unrestrained overflow.But my ears are still quiet.I strolled to the balcony and looked at tongjing Avenue in front of the door and Yuanxin Avenue a little further away. The river was still and could not be heard as it was strung by street lamps.Far and near, high buildings, and every window was shining brightly. I wonder if anyone will listen with me to the drums and gongs of the New Year.But there was disappointment.Turning back, I gradually fell asleep in the quiet night. When I slept, the sun had risen to the eastern peak, as bright as yesterday.Listen to the sound of the New Year, get countryside.I watched it in the countryside, and the children went upstairs to bed.I alone with the TV host shout countdown, “a” word has not shouted out, the sound of the New Year suddenly sounded outside the door: “crackling”, “empty ka-ka”, “tweet tweet”…No need to open the door to look, at the moment, a ball of fire shot up in the sky, such as ink in the sky painted colorful patterns, waves of “rustling” ring, will shake off the old yesterday in the dust, the New Year in the head, in the vast universe, in the beautiful heart of the dawn sounded overture.The voice is so familiar, like the accent of the next door neighbor, that it requires no tongue twisting, no effort to recognize it.This voice listened to for decades, has been lingering in the brain, “buzzing” sound.The sound of years is the source of childhood joy, a grain of sugar, an encouragement, a smiling face can make dreams can also bloom flowers, can make the poor days have sweet meaning.Seasons have their voices, and years have their voices.The voice of the year is in the call of ancestor worship, in the blessing of the New Year, in the sound of the cup collision filled with emotion.And our New Year sound after the dinner and the opening of the New Year’s cannon sound in the most warm, the most tempting people.A group of children hurriedly dropped bowls and chopsticks, ran out of the door, followed the sound of east and west running, looking for the fight did not ignite firecrackers.Everyone is quick, there is no lead, rushed into the pockets of new clothes.Before going to the elder’s home with adults, my pockets were bulging, despite the yellow dust along the edges of my pockets.For a few days at the beginning of the year, we played back the sound of the New Year and recalled the fun of the New Year: we quickly threw lit firecrackers into shallow water, stuffed them into empty bottles, lit them and quickly covered the POTS.Wu ears still listen to the muffled sound of firecrackers, or the gunpowder eruption, the flash of light, engraved in the depths of childhood memory, never extinguished.The pace of time is neither fast nor slow, the past is always gone.Listen to the sound of years is a mood, but also a peaceful state of mind.The sound of year is also the sound of spring.