78% win rate farmer dark shepherd legend experience, new Orange card Hexen play a big role

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Outside server player Bobpudge shared a new set of cards this week called farmer’s dark herd. He said he started playing hearthstone when he was in private beta, but for the past few years he has played a few rounds of the game every couple of rounds, mixing in a low save or legend.He recently had time to start a run, going from platinum to legend without any stars, with a final record of 57-16.In the journey from diamond 5 to Legend, he went 21-6, with a 78 percent winning rate, which is pretty good.After the Rogue Nerf patch went live, Bobpudge started to score at diamond level 3, so this build worked well in the new version as well, and he included proof that he had hit the legend level.
Why play this deck?- If you want to play some very uncool cards in the environment, he didn’t encounter any dark monsters in the upper score.- If you like fast break cards and want to win the game quickly.- If you want to score after the nerf patch comes online, this card pack is very druid resistant.- Dark shepherd is an interesting theme, as is the priest’s new card.Card set of building and code: AAECAa0GBp/rA + fwA7v3A7 + ABK2KBIujBAzevgObzQPXzgO70QOL1QPK4wP09gOI9wOj9wOt9wONgQTvnwQA
Take pictures of your 1 and 2 cost units, use high quality early unit control scene, with your hero skills steady rhythm.Try to work by fee and maximize your crystal revenue.Rely on your scene and the extra damage of the virtual touch squire to steal health, then move on to the late game, using Mr. Heavy Fist or Void Shard to heal.Card analysis dead rise – equivalent to 0 cost draw 2, not enough damage to yourself, because we are the attackers.This card not only increases your hand, but also gives you control over which minions you draw.Freshman – a high quality unit early in the game. opponents are hard to disintegrate. you can work with other minions if you linger.Protection Modifier – can protect your virtual touch squire or 2 health units, can also heal enemy 1 health units, very flexible single card.Farmer – had a chance to get to 1 card and did a good job in the fast break group.Can be played in the opponent’s key turn, forcing the opponent to break the field and interfere with the rhythm, such as in the druid’s 4 charge turn, if the opponent wants to jump charge, we can beat the card.Cruise Guide – our hero skills are strong, and the zero cost skills are even stronger.But don’t blindly use hero skills to hit the face, generally reserved for field control.Unless you know you’re going to have to spend 2 to actively use the hero skill in your next turn, you can just use it in the face.Virtual touch page – the core of the card group, can deal super high damage, try to use buff means to protect it, trying to recover from the dead.If you have no other 1 card and plan to play it in a 2 turn, you can play it in a 1 turn, especially if you have the dead in your hand.Leper Gnomes – basically triggers battle roar for 2 damage, nothing special.However, if your hand only has rise of the Dead and you get leper gnome after playing rise of the dead, you will no longer trigger the battle roar effect.Blood Feather – Can be changed to other cards at any time, but does have some compatibility with your hero skill, usually against 4 health and 5 health units, turning medium sized enemies into 2 health, which you can then tap with your hero skill.It takes some simple math.Priest – equivalent to a 2 cost 2/5 attribute bonus and works well with high quality low cost units.Dread – similar to priest effect, but requires 2 units for maximum value.Grow in the dark – you can find the dead to regenerate cards, find the void minions to deal damage, or find a wife.Mankric – pass the figure, roar effect with dark survival, equal to 2 fee call 3/7 also hit the face 3 points of damage, in the early game hit this match basically win.Hackson – Can grab taunt units against priests, since dark Shepherd is a battle card.Also good against paladins, you can take good units from them, especially those that eat covenant spells.Void Shard – a fireball that regenerates health and helps you survive a turn or two, increasing your slash power.Dark Bishop – The root of the dark pastoral system.Mr. Punch – Full score MVP card, added slashability.
When there is no coin in the first hand dispatch, first find freshmen, guides and attendants these 1 cost units, keep the dead resurrect.If the opponent is priest or sorcerer, which cannot solve farmer, can keep farmer.If there are coins, it is also ok to leave two 2-charge units in the starting hand. It is best to play squire + priest in a 2-charge turn.Always keep in mind the early game curve and maximize the payoff per mana, you rely on doing damage over time and keeping minions that can help you control the field.
Combat analysis Rogue – the nerfed rhythm rogue is less of a threat, weapon rogue can no longer rely on 3 stealth to buy time, this matchup is now playable.Druid – against jump Feder is an advantage, the dark shepherd can win in 4-5 rounds, hold the scene with extra damage from the virtual touch squire, Hackson can be used in key rounds to kill creatures summoned by the 8 mana spell, and start with low pagan priests.It is also an advantage against the shop field, dark Shepherd’s early field control ability is very good, watch out for elune oracle’s expansion.Paladin – small excellent match, the knight is difficult to regain the control of the scene, dark shepherd is the king of the early scene, Hackson can control the opponent buff monster to win.The biggest threat in this matchup is the broom, which is the only way for the Cavaliers to return, and most of the time dark shepherd can still snowball.Mage – fire charge is still a bit slow to start, play it your way, be careful of the other side’s reckless apprentice clearance, mid – hit face is more important than lay.The big spell is slower than the fire charge, the idea is similar.Priest – is an advantage against mission and dead language priests, the controlling priest is too slow, hackson is the MVP of this matchup.Unless the opponent finds a lot of random ways to recover health, most of the time it’s in our favor.Shaman – If it’s a slow pack like Ice shaman, dark Shepherd has an advantage.Hunter – Beast hunting is even, and hackson is needed to deal with the opposing bear.T7 hunt is a balance of power, the other side can in turn use the virtual touch attendants to grab health, but the speed of the dark shepherd is not slow, there are healing methods.Warrior – Nerf used to be a disadvantage against pirates, now it’s a minor disadvantage and needs To use Hackson to deal with taunting pirates.Warlock – Counter missions are an advantage, warlocks will self-destruct.Demon Hunter – Too few games to analyze.
Game tip – Plan your turn ahead of time and know your slash damage.6. Void Shard + ability for cost turns9 cost turns can be 2 pieces of void shard, or Heavy punch + skill;10 cost turns can be 2 Void shards + dark growth to find a wife.Planning is usually 2-3 rounds in advance, taking into account the possibility of your next draw.Don’t forget the extra damage provided by the virtual touch squire, which can be left in hand when the scene is out of control with the direct wound slash.- This is a fast break card set that needs to focus on possession at the start of the game, but you need to know when to go from possession to full strength.It’s usually done before the other guy gets a shot of the monster.Try not to swap a bunch of shaggy for a monster on the other side, because fake touch pages add 1 damage per damage source, we have a lot of shaggy minions.- Like all decks, dark Mods need practice to play perfect matchups, and many times they lose because of their own mistakes.Dark Shepherd may not be a very strong card group, but the upper score experience is enjoyable.”-RidiculousHat used the same shade pack and reached legendary # 16 earlier this month thinking that shade was the height of RidiculousHat’s popularity.Dark Shepherd’s minions are much more agile than T7 hunter’s minions, and the hero ability is much better in field control.- The nerfed Deep Iron Caveman is not as strong, but if you don’t have blood Plume or Hackson, consider bringing it.