Revenue up 15%, profit up 20%

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On the evening of March 10, Yili Issued a notice on the main operating conditions from January to February 2022.According to the announcement, dairy products have become a healthy choice for more and more consumers due to their unique health properties, and the demand for dairy products has continued to grow.Taking advantage of the trend, the company actively grasped the opportunity of consumption growth, and the overall performance hit a new record high.According to preliminary accounting, from January to February 2022, the company achieved a total operating revenue of 21.5 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of more than 15%.The total profit was about 3.3 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate of more than 20%. Yili got off to a good start.From the point of view of business growth, Yili’s advantageous categories continue to make efforts and perform better.The announcement shows that the company continues to optimize its product mix and upgrade its product line to provide consumers with a richer product experience.From January to February 2022, the company’s liquid milk, milk powder and dairy products, and cold drinks businesses have maintained a good growth trend.The proportion of key products such as Jindian, Amushi, Jinlingguan, Qioloz, Zhen Xi, Changqing, Meiyitian and Yili children’s Cheese stick increased by 3 percentage points year-on-year, further expanding the scale of high-end market segments, meeting the demand for consumer upgrading, and maintaining the leading position in the market share of high-end products.Specifically, the company’s white milk business continues to maintain a high growth trend, high-end products such as Jindian growth is better.Nielsen data showed that in January, the company’s normal temperature white milk rose 12.6 percent year on year;Among them, Jindian growth of 15.1%, leading the growth of the same category.Over the same period, sales of cold drinks also rose sharply.Among them, qioxian, qiaolz’s high-end brand, has a growth rate of more than 74%, The high-end brand Zhen Xi has a growth rate of more than 82%, and the super high-end brand Xujuhuan has a growth rate of more than 748%.With the rapid rise of Jinlingguan infant formula, the cheese business doubled and yili comprehensively built the second growth curve.Sales revenue from January to February rose more than 30 percent year on year, data showed.It is worth mentioning that in February 2022, Jinlingguan Infant milk powder was the first to complete the formula upgrade based on 20 years of breast milk research, and Yili became a milk powder head enterprise that passed the “new national standard”.Infant formula milk powder is the highland of dairy technology research and development and innovation. Golden Collar Crown milk powder was the first to pass the audit, which is the concentrated embodiment of Yili’s overall core strength.In addition, Yili has just acquired Ausutria, a leading goat milk brand in the world, and haipnokay, a high-end milk powder brand, and other well-known brands.Yili milk powder after the strong combination will surely usher in high-speed growth.Yili Cheese is also growing rapidly, increasing its market share by 3 percentage points year-on-year in January 2022, according to Nielsen data;The total internal sales data of January-February doubled year-on-year, and the growth rate was much higher than that of the industry.Continuous innovation is an important factor in the company’s “good start” performance growth.The announcement shows that the company drives the healthy and sustainable development of its business through innovation.Needs of consumer health, nutrition, since this year, the company launched in succession “, 19 ultrafiltration milk “, “AnMuXi dandong strawberry”, “chang light protein time”, “jinling crown senna organic milk powder”, “must drink thick milk ice cream” and so on many versions, combined with a number of innovative marketing efforts at the same time, accelerate push new products, new business grew quickly.In terms of brand power promotion, the company, as a famous “double Olympic milk enterprise” in China, has been working with the Olympic Games for 17 years. During The period from January to February 2022, the company has achieved a significant improvement in brand reputation by carrying out the brand marketing integration of the Winter Olympics and the Promotion of spring.Third-party research data show that consumers’ purchase intention to Yili products during this period hit a record high.Yili mother brand bucked the trend by 3.34%;Internal sales data show that the parent brand achieved a 22% sales growth rate, creating a historical record.The market penetration rate of Yili products continues to maintain the leading level in the industry, with the market penetration rate in prefecture-level cities and county-level cities increasing by 0.6 percentage points and 1.2 percentage points respectively year-on-year, and the scale of consumer exposure continues to rise.Brand equity research in 2021 shows that Yili’s brand power is steadily rising.In the food and beverage industry, Yili has been ranked in the forefront of brand recognition for three consecutive years.Milk source is the lifeblood of dairy enterprises, and the shortage of milk source has been a bottleneck restricting the development of the industry.According to data calculated by the National Bureau of Statistics, the gap between supply and demand of raw milk in China from 2015 to 2020 has been expanding, reaching 18.75 million tons in 2020.In recent years, Yili has made great moves in the layout of milk source, and has formed a great advantage of milk source through its own milk source and cooperative milk source.The company plans and builds milk source bases together with core suppliers, gives full play to the synergistic value of the whole industrial chain, and comprehensively promotes the healthy development of the industrial chain.The continuous improvement of milk supply guarantee ability effectively promotes the rapid development of various businesses.Yili now controls high-quality milk from Chinese Dairy producers Youran Dairy and Zhongdi Dairy, and has bought Westland Dairy, New Zealand’s second largest Dairy company, overseas.In terms of cooperative milk sources, Yili has empowered cooperative pastures with funds, training courses and other high-quality resources. Since 2015, the proportion of large-scale intensive milk sources of the company has reached 100%.The newly acquired Australian Excellence has rich dairy resources and a complete supply chain layout in Holland, Australia and other global “golden milk source places”, which further strengthens Yili’s advantage in milk source control.In addition, Yili has 15 R&D and innovation centers and 13 overseas production bases around the world, and its products are sold to more than 60 countries and regions. Yili has built a backbone network covering the global resource system, global innovation system and global market system.A world-class dairy industry cluster has been established in Hohhot, and China’s national dairy Technology Innovation Center has officially settled in Yili Modern Wisdom And Health Valley. With the full release of the potential energy of the industrial chain, Yili’s future performance growth is promising.