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Flash version 9,0 or greater is requiredYou have no Flash plugin installedDownload latest version from hereThe contact wire above the high-speed railway line is the key component to provide electric power to the train. The maintenance of the contact wire needs to be carried out at night.In the past, this job was mostly done by young men, but in August last year, the catenary workers team of jinan East Power Supply Workshop welcomed six young girls graduated from college for the first time.They were affectionately called “ladder girls” by their workmates because the most commonly used tool was the ladder.Today (February 6) “Spring Walk grassroots” let us come to know them.From 0:30 to 4:30 am, the four hours when the high-speed railway stops operation are the window time for six “escalator girls” to carry out night line inspection. Today’s operation place is the Huanghe Rail-highway bridge.Li Man and Zhu Xinxin are the first to the maintenance team to report, is currently six people in the most skilled aerial work, they are responsible for the maintenance of the ladder.Although has followed the team to participate in more than a dozen maintenance operations, but two people start the operation is the second time, deputy foreman Yu Xiaogang constantly reminded the essentials of operation.At this time, the night temperature has dropped to minus 10℃, the bridge wind is strong, humidity is also large, not long dry, we have been frozen.One night, six girls and their masters worked for nearly three hours, repairing 15 wrist arms, 60 hanging strings and tightening more than 300 bolts.By the time power was officially restored at 4:30 a.m., the six girls were asleep on the ride home.Busy in the middle of the night, the “car ladder girls” rest for a few hours, under the leadership of master Zheng, the technical expert in the work area, to the training ground, today they will accept a more severe new challenge.Master Zheng hands of this qudiao equipment is called reflective windmill, the use of leaf mirror reflective drive birds, to ensure line safety.Because it is mounted on the top of the pole, the operator needs to leave the ladder and stand on the arm of the line.Eldest sister Zhu Xinxin and second sister Wei Yingying were the first to team up for the challenge. It was just a step from the ladder to the wrist arm, but it was a huge leap psychologically.The first time the girls left the ladder and stood on the line with a height of nearly ten meters. They completely forgot the operation process they had been familiar with in daily life and failed in several attempts.Working at height must overcome the fear in psychology, fully trust the protective role of the safety belt, bold hands free to complete the task.None of the men who started at the same time as the ladder girls have yet made it through the process, but Zheng wants his apprentices to be as female as their male counterparts.It was the turn of the youngest Xu Mengyao on the ladder, because she had been training in the field before, without altitude work experience, Master Zheng took her step by step forward.Stepping off the ladder on your arms was only the first successful step, but the next challenge was to loosen your hands in the air.Xu mengyao’s success has given the other girls the confidence to continue the challenge.This “high altitude, high risk, high pressure” work, “ladder girls” have been encouraging and helping each other all the way through.This Spring Festival, the “ladder girls” can’t all go home because they will be on duty in shifts.Liu Ye and Li Yan, who live in another province, sent goods for the Spring Festival to their families. Liu Ye also sent home a very “Shandong” Spring Festival goods — 100 jins of Zhang Qiu green Onions.A few days later, Liu Ye received the mahua, baked cakes and bacon sent by her mother from her hometown, and other girls’ hometown New Year’s flavor also flew into the dormitory along with their missing relatives.The ladder girls invited the chefs over and set up a simple but homely reunion dinner in the dining hall.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: