Yan Yu fu 19 set to the 20th set of the plot to watch first

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Qiu Yan (Qiao Xin) tells Liang Yi (Xu Zhengxi) that he was so jealous that he was scared. Liang yi looks at Qiu Yan and says that she was not just jealous. In fact, Liang Yi has fallen in love with Qiu Yan unconsciously.Liang Yi gave a silver ticket to the procuress and told that no one is allowed to approach Qiu Yan within a month and qiu Yan Jie is not allowed to receive guests, after all, the procuress is a person who sees money, after seeing money, naturally agreed.Qiu Min (Xu Yating is acted the role of) be asked to receive a guest, qiu Min nature is not willing to want to use the means of suicide to understand yourself.Autumn Yan (Qiao Xin) tells everyone that the whole autumn family is now in trouble, and now women still make contradictions respectively can only make them more sad, they must make concerted efforts to go.Qiu Yan received sister Qiu Min (Xu Yating) letter that she will go with her mother, aunts have speculated that Qiu Min may go to suicide, we are very worried.Qiu Yan went to find Liang Yi (Xu Zhengxi), which was found by Yuan Levant (Zhang Yicong), and Liang Yi pretended to make love to Her. Fortunately, Liang Yi had a gift, and Qiu Yan told Yuan Levant that her name was Su Yiwan.