Win10 recording master screen recording tool which to use

2022-05-29 0 By

Win10 recording tool which is useful in sorting out the content of the speech, sometimes need to record the whole screen or operation process as a video to show each other, many people are looking for good recording software, but we are not the same standard for good.If you want those recording simple operation, can quickly get started, recording diversified functions, in line with the habits of the people of such a software, xiaobian recommended here may be what you need to record screen software.Interested partners can look down oh!Recommended use: Jinzhou recording master operation method: the first step, first of all, select recording mode in the right Settings, select one of them;Second step, to record full screen as an example, confirm the screen to record, but also click add picture or camera, click “OK” it is ok;The third step, when recording screen, you can customize the recording source, select in advance here;Step 4, finally, click “Start” recording;Fifth step, at this time, there will be a countdown screen, after the end of the countdown officially recorded content;When recording, there will be a suspension window, where you can control the recording progress. If you feel that the suspension window affects the recording effect, you can cancel it in the software Settings and use the shortcut keys to control the recording progress.Step 6, after recording, click to export folder to browse the recorded video file!Source: Jiangxia Science and Technology Product Center