The CBA’s latest schedule could change the race for the title

2022-05-29 0 By

Horse project return again blocked, CBA latest schedule could change the CBA title pattern to the second phase, the guangdong team’s overall performance, is not very desirable, ranking drop from the union of the second to fifth, and the team also encountered major injury problems, Zhang Haojia, hao all season, and Zhao Rui also left the conference because of an ankle injury,Back to Dongguan for rehabilitation, and foreign aid Weems also because of the conflict, was officially banned, now the Guangdong men’s basketball team, the overall combat effectiveness of the decline is very severe, and the team’s head coach Du Feng also said that the team has fallen into a reverse cycle, so, Guangdong men’s basketball into a very big predicament.So many guangdong basketball fans are looking forward to the horse is Brooks return, after all, in this case, if the horse is in the team, the crisis will be lifted, in after the horse is in the social platform bask in a video, said he recovered very well, and from the video, we can tell, the horse fair to stage various acrobatic dunks,According to the latest news, Marchon could be back by the end of March, but the start date of the third phase of the CBA regular season could be moved up.It is understood that the CBA company is plan will be open in early march, this means that the horse is a time of rehabilitation, actually is not very full, and from his point of view, the time point of view, has a very hard time to catch up with guangdong third stage to play the game, this means that the horse is to return to the guangdong team met with great resistance, and we also know that,Guangdong introduced 2 of lai more foreign aid, has completed the debut of the new season, the whole game, scored 28 points, 13 rebounds and 14 assists, positive and negative value is reached 30, many fans feel shine at the moment, and between him and the team cooperation, is also very tacit understanding, organization in series, passing all look very comfortable.Can see, this kind of feeling is really with the guangdong team seamlessly, his arrival, is put in series with the guangdong team, let the wind of the reconstructed the former king tigers, more let a lot of fans screamed, isn’t that what the horse is double, but it is a upgrade version of the horse is Brooks, this foreign aid lidle, slowly into the guangdong men’s basketball team,Once made his long-awaited comeback weems, double foreign aid will get, the return of the ma shang road will become more difficult, after all, from the league fixtures, as well as the overall operation of the guangdong men’s basketball team, want to sign three high level of foreign aid, or very difficult, so for now, Du Feng want to have three foreign aid dream will burst, the pattern of the CBA will change.