Neighborhood get-together, shell Xiamen welcomes the Year of the Tiger with you

2022-05-29 0 By

The footsteps of the New Year are near, and the smell of the New Year is strong.At the beginning of the New Year, on January 24, 20 and 19, Shell Zhaofang Xiamen Station joined hands with Meiren Community New Era Civilization Practice Station, Haicang Haijing Community Academy, Caitang and other communities to carry out colorful Spring Festival activities.A smiling face, a string of laughter, together to welcome the arrival of the New Year.Shell cooperation new broker brand broker people have for owners, customers sent couplets.The flourishing Spring Festival couplets and sincere New Year wishes all represent the best wishes.Lanterns hang high to welcome the New Year. Let’s make a lantern together!Whether the elderly, or young children, all dedicated to DIY, red lanterns flying in the fingertips.In this process, we help each other, enhance the neighborhood communication, affection has also been heated up.”Hello everyone, my name is Wang Naohai, the mascot of the shell, thank you for designing my new clothes.”New Year new atmosphere, children have used colorful brush for “trouble sea” drawing new clothes, whimsy bloom in the nib, wearing new clothes “trouble sea” also appears to be different happy.”Noisy sea” incarnate “Baymax”, and school students warm interaction.Pupils lined up to get marshmallow, a marshmallow, the New Year sweet honey.Real rich people, joy throwing sandbags, fun games attracted a wave of fans.Players on the field to compete, the audience applaud cheer.No matter the participants, the audience, or the staff, are immersed in the game, and the activity site is full of happy atmosphere.”Dignified service, better living” is the mission of Shell. The cooperative stores and brokers rooted in the community all the year round can not only provide quality living services for the community residents, but also be a member of the community jointly built.In the future, Shell will continue to take science and technology as the guide, upward, good, for every family to bring a better living service experience.