Mudanjiang 12345 “Transformation” government service “General Customer Service”

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The original title:Northeast Network on April 6 (reporter Yang Fan) The reporter learned from the Business Bureau of Mudanjiang city that since 0 o ‘clock on March 24, the convenience hotline of mudanjiang city has realized one number service, unified as “12345 convenience hotline of government service”.”Transformed” into “general customer service” of Mudanjiang Municipal government service, completed network docking with provincial 12345 hotline and video equipment connection, and realized interconnection with provincial platform system.Mudanjiang municipal government service convenient hotline 24 hours service.Mudanjiang city integrated optimization of the city’s government affairs service for the convenience of hotline resource, open channel to appeal, masses, efficient accept masses, enterprise demands, improve the level of government for the convenience of enterprise services, mudanjiang answer for the convenience of government services hotline to achieve a number of services, unified as “12345” for the convenience of government services hotline, voice calling number is “12345”,Provide “7×24 hours” round-the-clock manual service.Establish a closed loop of unified acceptance, transfer according to responsibilities, completion within a limited time, unified supervision, evaluation and feedback, performance management, analysis and judgment, and build a hotline platform integrating consulting, complaints, help, suggestions, reports and other functions.At the same time, the optimization process and the allocation of resources, realize the hotline service to connect with the background, to ensure that enterprises and the masses and rational appeal to receive timely treatment and handle, make convenient government services hotline 12345 pick up faster, more accurate and more real, create convenient, efficient, standardized, the wisdom of the government affairs service “customer service”.Mudanjiang has created a convenient, efficient, standardized and intelligent government service “general customer service”.According to introducing, mudanjiang convenient government services hotline 12345 single working conduction mechanism, overall management merge integration and double parallel number, using “accepts the + + audit supervisory + return” mode, strict work order flow and transaction process, form the work order to deal with closed loop, to ensure the mass appeal to have echo, both have implemented.At the same time, the establishment of investment promotion and capital introduction policy credit enterprise polity push mechanism actively, collecting enterprise policy file 42, into the system of investment promotion and capital introduction project chief attendant information 51, break down the city’s investment promotion and capital introduction preferential policy terms accumulative total 114, one hundred million yuan of above project director in zhuhai first push chief attendant information article 46 through text messages.In the next step, Mudanjiang city will further accelerate the integration and construction of 12345 convenient hotline for government affairs service, effectively solve people’s demands, realize the “first response” for people’s demands, strengthen the operation and management of the hotline, and ensure the implementation of reform tasks.At present, there are 22 seats in the city, with a connection rate of 49.31%, which is still far from the provincial connection rate of 96%. In the next step, we will buy services to replenish telephone service seats and personnel strength, and plan to increase the number of hotline seats to 66.Rules and regulations concerning hotline performance assessment, supervision and knowledge base management should be formulated as soon as possible, standards and norms should be unified, operation management should be strengthened, and hotline service capacity should be continuously improved.In addition, in 2021, Mudanjiang Business Bureau built the first Policy information service platform for Huiqi enterprises in the province, realizing the functions of online query, intelligent matching, online confirmation without application, online consultation and so on. A total of 86 policies of various types and 78 guidelines for Huiqi matters have been published.In the next step, we plan to embed the information service platform of favorable enterprise policies into the municipal 12345 government service hotline platform, push various favorable enterprise policies synchronously, and broaden the communication channels between government and enterprises.(what)