Men are advised not to divorce when their daughter-in-law is pregnant with another man’s child

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I heard a story, and if I didn’t confirm it was true, I’d think it was some kind of Internet bullshit.I have a friend whose hometown is a county in a city in Hebei.She had a distant cousin who gave birth to a daughter and married there.Not long ago, the niece had an affair with another man’s child.Surprisingly, when it happened, everyone said, “Don’t divorce me.”Leave what leave, leave also have to find again, not also have to find a divorced woman with children — not as good as your wife now.Also said: Don’t beat your wife.If you do that, the word goes out, there won’t be a girl anywhere who wants to marry you.At the same time, many matchmakers go to a woman’s house: if you can’t get through, leave.Of course, my friend’s cousin, who is also my niece’s mother, refused the matchmaker and criticized her daughter with dignity. She told her daughter to beat her baby and go back to her husband.Her reason is: outside male, want condition good, not early have a girl to marry?Why do not want your husband to want them, they are not equal to recruit students to recruit workers, suddenly the person in front of physical examination did not pass a test, political review did not pass a pass, fill record?You must have failed the written interview.Finally, the couple reconciled and had a happy Lantern Festival.My friend was stunned.I thought about it. I’ve heard it a lot before.Parcel area, Jianghan Plain, central Plains……An ominous shadow crosses my mind: The sex ratio in China’s small and medium-sized cities and even in the countryside has reached a very serious level.It’s not unique to one or two cities.