Lu ‘an Huaneng, Shanxi coking coal, Huaibei Mining……Who is the most profitable coking coal enterprise?

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In this paper, 10 coking coal enterprises are selected as research samples in the second part of the enterprise value series.Profitability evaluation indexes include return on equity, return on total assets, gross profit margin and net profit margin, and operating data of the recent five years are taken as reference.Data are based on history and do not represent future trends;It is for static analysis only and does not constitute investment advice.In terms of roe in the past five years, the two enterprises, Huaibei Mining And Panjiang, exceeded 10%, and the average ROE of Huaibei Mining reached 20.61%.The main business of Huaibei Mining is coal mining, washing, processing and sales, and the production and sales of coal chemical products. The main products are coking refined coal varieties, thermal coal varieties, coke, methanol, crude benzene, ammonium sulphate, tar, refined benzene and so on.In terms of revenue composition, the revenue of commodity trading division accounted for 61.35% and the gross margin was 1.27%.The revenue of coal division accounted for 40.06%, and the gross margin was 36.67%;Coal chemical division revenue accounted for 20.21%, gross margin 22.87%.From the perspective of the return on total assets in the past five years, huaibei Mining And Panjiang Share exceeded 5%, and the average return on total assets of Panjiang share reached 6.07%.Panjiang is mainly engaged in coal mining, washing and processing and sales as well as the production and sales of electricity, the main products are coal, electricity.In terms of revenue composition, cleaned coal revenue accounted for 70.83% and gross margin was 30.03%;Mixed coal (including raw coal direct sales) revenue accounted for 25.11%, gross margin 29.26%.In terms of gross margin in the past five years, Lu ‘an Huaneng, Orchid Kechuang, Panjiang Stock, Shanxi Coking coal and other four enterprises more than 30%, lu ‘an Huaneng average gross margin reached 45.37%.Lu ‘an Huaneng’s main business includes raw coal mining, coal washing, coal smelting;Development and utilization of clean coal technology;Coalbed methane development;Comprehensive utilization of coal, geological exploration, etc.In terms of revenue composition, coal revenue accounted for 86.79%, and gross margin was 35.77%;Coke revenue accounted for 12.35%, gross margin 17.85%.From the perspective of net interest rate in the past five years, six enterprises, including Panjiang, Lu ‘an Huaneng, Huaibei Mining, Pingmei, Shanxi Coking coal and Huayang, exceeded 5%, with the average net interest rate of Huayang reaching 5.13%.Huayang shares mainly engaged in coal production, washing and processing, sales, electricity production, sales, heat production, sales, as well as road transportation of general goods, equipment leasing, construction machinery parts.The main products are divided into coal products, electricity, heat and other three categories.In terms of revenue composition, washing coal is the main source of revenue, accounting for 78.40% of the revenue, and the gross margin is 14.50%.Profitability of coking coal enterprises?Note: In the profitability list, the score of all indicators is converted according to the ratio of 10/10, and the comprehensive score is the average of all indicators.If an indicator has a value but no score (i.e. the table is blank), the weight of the indicator will decrease.