If you are not short of money, it is highly recommended to do this, rich filling, layers of crispy

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Instant cookies are the breakfast of choice for most office workers because of their convenience. They just need to be fried in the pan, or baked to eat, crispy and delicious.Today, let’s make a delicious cake by hand, but we don’t fry it. Let’s make a snack with it — crispy roasted sausage with chives, with rich filling and crispy layers. Both adults and children like to eat it very much.Ingredients: hand cake, meat floss, spring onion, small sausage, egg, tomato sauce, salad dressing.How to do it: Wash the spring Onions, remove the roots and chop them into minced spring Onions.All you need for this recipe is the egg yolk. you can save the white for other dishes.While the cookies are still thawing, remove a layer of plastic from the top.Place the meat floss on top of the pancake, lay it flat, and sprinkle with the spring onion.Once defrosted enough to bend, roll it with the filling side facing inward.Cut the roll into small pieces longer than the sausage and brush the top of the roll with egg yolk.Place the sausage on top, then sprinkle with some salad dressing and tomato sauce. Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 15 minutes.After baking, take out the chives baked sausage in a crisp, salty and delicious, like friends must not miss oh!Simple and delicious.