High school students create their own “fence” font, looks like the appearance of mammy, the exam is easy to deduct marks!

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Guide language: modern had been taught to read a book, more or less still have culture inside inside, but we also can know, resemble need lets you write a word perhaps when a word, this kind of sudden circumstance can let a person feel catch off guard, seem at a time what also can’t think of.This situation is very embarrassing, with the progress of science and technology, we do find that artificial intelligence is replacing some backward technology, but people’s dependence on it also makes many people’s culture more and more backward.But in the exam, always can’t take a mobile phone to the exam, can’t remember how to write to know the answer is useless.The handwriting should be legible to the teacher. High school students should also have the ability to think independently and should not rely on electronic devices, which are strictly prohibited during exams.As the saying goes, “Everyone is unique.” When it comes to writing, there is something to talk about. Many people create their own fonts, which make it easy to tell who wrote them.High school students create their own “fence” font, looks like the appearance of mammy, the exam is easy to deduct marks!What exactly is a “fence font”?In fact, a bit straightforward, that is, it looks like square is very stiff that kind of word, as if it is surrounded by layers of fence, let a person have a feeling of being trapped.As we all know, the most exquisite part of calligraphy is the charm of strokes. Like the fence font, which is very stiff and curved without any turning point, it makes people feel very ugly and strange.Although students may be used to writing fence fonts, they feel nothing, and have already been used to seeing them, but for the marking teacher, it is too painful to change the test paper of this font, each word stuck together and no one would like to leave far away, afraid it is not a modern font.On the fence font, the netizens are also each have their own views, some of the netizens are blunt: write such a word is only able to read the college bar, after all, now take an examination of the university to write such a word is certainly not get what paper points, maybe also let the teacher feel annoyed.However, like the above users so decisive statement is also some individualism, after all, the score is not by font can be overgeneralized, if the ability of the students, maybe write fence font can also get high marks, as long as the answer is right.However, for xiaobian’s personal opinion, students had better correct their writing attitude, develop good writing habits will be better, after all, the “beauty” of the fence font can not be accepted by most people.How important is writing for students?(1) Writing good words can get high marks as the saying goes: “the name”, and the word has become a symbol of a person, good words will make people leave a good impression, more able to get the joy of the teacher.So, when writing well in the exam, write beautiful words, more able to let the teacher feel pleasing to the eye, even if the answer has some gap teacher will still see in the word good-looking share to give you a point, these are the key to get high marks.(2) Good writing can let the teacher feel your learning attitude is correct in the long process of learning, writing is essential, students want to be admitted to a better university must also have the correct learning attitude.When they are interested in learning, the words written by students also represent their correct learning attitude to a greater extent.We also think that students who write well must be more interested in learning, like the fence font mentioned above is actually popular on the network, if students spend their time on learning, naturally will not learn so many strange fonts.May be a good future is not determined by the font, or more students the result of individual effort and struggle, but for the students, the writing is a must be neat, even if your word is not beautiful, holding a should also write well, there are some unnecessary cursive will only make you whole knowledge appears chaos.The college entrance examination paper is revised by the machine. If students write unclear words, they will only be more unclear after passing the paper by the machine, so that the teacher can not give you high marks, and some serious problems will affect your admission.Usually students can buy some more to practice a practice, like regular script is we generally think the most beautiful is also the most correct font, as long as the students are willing to work hard, font will certainly have a great breakthrough.Xiaobian message: whether it is in a large exam or a small exercise at ordinary times, students have to write well, naturally formed a habit will be a lot easier.I wish the students can get good results!