Dongli District, Tianjin: “hardcore” veteran party members fight “epidemic” bravely

2022-05-29 0 By

“Uncle Li, you just finished the heart stent operation to the big screening line, can you?””Sure, feel better!”Not long ago, due to the high intensity of work during the epidemic, veteran Party member Li Jicai fell ill. His colleagues were both surprised and admired when he appeared at the nucleic acid screening site after surgery.Li Jicai, a veteran Party member of the Dongli Economic and Technological Development Zone, is affectionately known as “Uncle Li” by his colleagues.Although he will retire in six months, when the epidemic came, he did not hesitate to throw himself into nucleic acid screening work at the first time, demonstrating the original aspiration and mission of a veteran Party member with practical actions.Li Jicai has been working in Dongli Economic and Technological Development Zone for 30 years. He has been involved in almost all the infrastructure construction in the zone. Every pipe network and every line is deeply engraved in his mind.Nucleic acid screening requires to be carried out in open air and open places, which puts forward higher requirements for power supply security.”When the place needed wiring, he always had the best idea;When he couldn’t find the nearest electrical facility, he could pinpoint its location.With Uncle Li around, we young people feel relieved. He is our backbone.”Dongli Economic and technological Development Zone management vice minister Zhang Lei said.Nucleic acid screening sometimes starts at 5 or 6 o ‘clock in the morning, and sometimes ends at 11 or 12 o ‘clock in the evening. As an electricity guarantee staff, “Uncle Li” comes earlier and leaves later than others.Nucleic acid screening sometimes finished in 4 or 5 hours, sometimes to 12 or 13 hours to finish, as a 60-year-old comrade, “Uncle Li” every time with everyone to fight the whole “epidemic”;Nucleic acid screening sometimes cold wind, sometimes heavy snow, as a veteran party member, “Uncle Li” every time on time at the screening scene.”The line has been connected, you return to the unit to have a rest.”Young comrades always advised him to take more rest, but he said with a smile, “I’m all right. I’m more grounded here.”When colleagues came to see Li after he fell ill, he said, “Don’t worry. It’s nothing.To everyone’s surprise, Li Jicai returned to the nucleic acid screening post without much rest after the operation.”Power security is very important for nucleic acid screening, especially for night lighting and system collection, which will have a great impact once power failure.As an electrical worker, I had to be on site to make sure the sieve was running properly, so I checked out early.”Li Jicai said.Cui Jiahui, director of the Party construction office of Dongli Economic and Technological Development Zone, said, “Grandpa Li always comes first and leaves last, setting a good example for us young people. He is like a tall and straight pine sticking to the front line of the fight against COVID-19. We are more assured with him.”