Zhu Yi fell down again, zhu Yi cried again!Girl come on!

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China finished fifth in the women’s singles free skate in the final of the team figure skating competition this morning, but it also made a new history for the Chinese team figure skating.China’s Zhu Yi was the first to take part in the competition, to the tune of sunset Boulevard.Not long after they started skating, Zhu Yi fell down again while doing his movements, and it was a double fall.After the fall, Zhu yi made a mistake in an ice fall, and after adjusting herself, Zhu finished the race with a relatively complete score of 91.41 points.After all the action was completed, Zhu Yi began to break down and cry when he was not completely out of the game.Zhu Yi cried from the court to the court, tears can not stop.However, when she returned to the team, she was applauded and comforted by her teammates.I hope the girl can adjust herself as soon as possible and perform better in the following matches.Source: Wenhui Daily responsible editor: pomelo copyright belongs to the original author all, if there is infringement please timely contact