Wuhan metro daub antifreeze oil on turnout at night

2022-05-28 0 By

The repairman inspected the operation device of subway switch in the early morning. “The 1-8# switches at the rudder drop are located, and the switch operation is all finished.”At 3:00 am yesterday, wuhan subway signal repairmen finished the maintenance of 8 sets of switches at Rudluokou station of Line 1 after more than 3 hours of late-night work.In order to ensure the safe operation of the subway in rainy, snowy and freezing weather, wuhan metro signal professionals installed snow melt devices on 93 groups of key switches in the entire elevated line network as early as last month.Before the cold wave arrived in the early morning of January 25, all the devices were checked, maintained and tested for power supply, and confirmed to be in good condition.At the same time, the staff of each group of turnout slide plate, locking device, action bar and other more than 30 key parts of oil, to ensure that the turnout under cold weather lubrication, important turnout daub antifreeze oil frequency has been encrypted from once a week to 3 times a week.Wuhan Metro Operation Co., Ltd. related person in charge of the introduction, the company set up more than 2,000 emergency team, 24 hours a day standby to deal with rain and snow weather, professional maintenance team according to the members of the home address of the area divided strict standby.Since yesterday, the inspection of key equipment such as the machine room of important turn-back stations has been increased from once every 2 hours to once every hour, and hidden dangers will be dealt with as soon as possible.(Chutian Metropolis Daily Extreme news reporter Pan Xiheng Correspondent Zhu Jingzheng Lu Ziwei Chan Qidou Intern Huang Rui)