The 12 scariest games on the PC

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In a way, the PC is the evil laboratory where many new horror games grow.The reputation of some of the greatest modern horror games has grown here, and to that end, we recommend the 12 best horror games you can play on PC right now.While some of them aren’t PC specific, every game on this list started on the PC.Some are horror classics that have influenced countless imitators, while others remain hidden gems lurking in the shadows of digital storefronts.IMSCARED: A Pixelized Nightmare is the only game on this list that pushes the boundaries of.exe and brings fear into the real world.An entity called White Face tracks your every move as you walk around in the low-resolution environment of IMSCARED, finding your keys and trying to escape your current nightmare.Once captured, White Face triggers a crash back to your desktop, and when it wakes up, a folder containing text documents appears on the screen, mocking your failure.It plays with your mind in other ways, too: your browser might pop open and land on a spooky YouTube video;Elsewhere, an HTML Web document appears in another folder, showing a map and a hypothetical exit for your area, but can you trust it?It even requires you to delete in-game documents to make progress at certain points.Like Eternal Darkness, IMSCARED takes its unique style of horror outside of itself — it’s a truly cursed game.Within a minute of playing Mrs. Cat, you discover that the main character, a lonely 40-year-old woman named Susan Ashworth, has committed suicide.Soon after, she wakes up in a mysterious world, only to be greeted by a man named Maggot Queen, who instructs her to rid the world of five “parasites” so that she can return to peace.Despite its complex themes surrounding mental health and serious tone, Cat Lady is surprisingly easy to play.You’ll explore twisted and bizarre environments, collect various items to solve puzzles, and guide Susan’s decisions through dialogue choices with other characters.But beyond the pitfalls of traditional point-and-click adventures, there is a touching story rooted in the real struggle of a woman who no longer wants to live.Launched in 2016, Dawn Kill is an asymmetric horror game in which various awkward teenagers dodge the carnage of classic horror movie villains.By 2021, it had become the horror game’s all-star Brawl, introducing iconic killer characters like Freddie and Michael Myers to Dawn Kill, like Resident Evil’s chaser and Silent Hill’s Triangle Head.Dawn Kill continues to build on its premise, regularly adding new characters, features, and so on.9. Amnesia: the dark descent amnesia: the dark descent is the list of the older one of the game, but it is here with good reason: it helped stimulate the survival horror game mechanism type of rebirth (not “amnesia” sequel to pun) recently, this type has entered the field of action games.Amnesia begins when the main character, Daniel, wakes up alone in the dark castle of Brennenburg.He doesn’t remember how he got there, and as he explores his surroundings, he realizes a shadow is following him.Wandering the castle are other creatures that will chase you if they spot you.It wouldn’t be a big deal if you could fight back, but you can’t.Your only defense is to run, often hiding in the dark — a stark contrast to action horror games like Resident Evil 5, which came out the year before.But here’s the thing: stay in the dark too long, and you’ll lose your mind.This isn’t the first game to have a “San value “, but it was cleverly implemented in Amnesia.You need to balance the game’s use of light and see if you’re even hiding from monsters in the dark, the same darkness that is slowly driving you crazy.Junji ITO fans will want to consider adding World of Horror to their list of horror games to play this October.This horror game feels like you’ve stumbled upon a series of creepy and highly detailed drawings on the web.Set in Shiokawa, Japan, players are tasked with preventing the end of the world by exploring various locations and battling monsters inspired by Japanese horror comics and urban legends.Sure, it’s a horror game, but World of Horror also adds elements of the Roguelite and RPG genres.World of Horror’s grip on tension, perfectly matched soundtrack, and overall challenge make it a must-play game on the PC.7.S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Few games have managed to capture the overwhelming desolation and depression as well as the Stalker trilogy.Whether you’re racing into the depths of Chernobyl, the site of the world’s worst nuclear accident, or discovering the secrets hidden in the dilapidated city of Pripyat, the living world is ready to suck life out of your body.So if fighting side by side with spirits deep underground, or zombified enemies who used to be your companions and blood-sucking mutants, sounds like you, it’s time to head to the Chernobyl exclusion Zone.6. Teddy bear the midnight cry when I was a child in American restaurants, in a dingy, theme birthday party the rats as the center, there are sad pizza, an almost broken arcade room, and a huge electronic band animated animals, it will be closed between songs, with great, nor any eyes stared at the children’s soul.It’s a full-on game about the fleeting joy and haunted magic of a group of seemingly lifeless animatronic pizzeria mascots, who suddenly come back to life and become a terrifying nightmare, even though you’re not the kid at a birthday party, but an employee charged with watching the restaurant after dark and belly up through the night.You flip through security cameras and various other devices while disturbing mechanical faces pop up occasionally, or usually at night, but what makes it so unique is that Freddie’s Midnight is one of the few horror games that most kids can play without enduring a lifetime of trauma.It’s rare that a game series can cater to both young and adult horror fans, mainly because it has one thing we can all agree on: Animatronic animals are scary.Pathologic was ahead of its time when it was released in 2006.Set in a mysterious town plagued by an unknown plague, the Plague combines horror with mystery for a truly unique experience.You have three characters to choose from, and they must survive for 12 days while revealing the secrets of the “Sandstorm”.Every day there are new quests available that will bring the character closer to the truth.But be careful, because these missions are only offered on a specific day, and once they pass, they’re gone forever.Pathologic and its sequel, Pathologic 2, are really good at atmosphere.While jump-Scare is a bit sparse, the overwhelming fear will linger throughout the game, and your time in the plague will linger in your mind for much longer.4. Ghostophobia appears on the scene like a bat from hell.Up to four players can join as amateur ghost hunters, equipped with tools such as night vision cameras, holy water and radios.As an early access game, there are still a lot of technical issues to work out, but the core is pretty good.Perhaps this is why there has been so much Phasmophobia on Steam in recent months.You’ll wander haunted houses and abandoned prisons, calling on the spirits that inhabit them.Gather enough clues that you can try and successfully identify what kind of ghost haunts which place.Correct inferences are richly rewarded.3.Chilla'S Art Series Chilla'S Art is the name of an independent development team formed by two Japanese brothers.Since 2018, the pair have released more than 15 mini-horror games on Steam, priced in the low teens.While these games may only be a few hours long, they pack a scary punch.Each Cilla & # 39;S Art games are unique experiences, but they are often played in the first person and center on mundane experiences that quickly escalate into scary ones.The most famous of these are convenience stores, where players take on the role of a convenience store employee on the night shift.As players go through the night, restocking items and checking inventory, spooky incidents such as strange customers, unexplained noises and other terrifying encounters intensify as the night continues.Puppet Combo series: Nanny Bloodbath, drill Massacre and Night Ripper…No, these aren’t ’80s forgotten horror movies, but delightfully scary games created by indie horror developer Puppet Combo.Whether you’re a nanny escaping from a serial killer, taking part in a deadly cat-and-mouse game with a psychotic nun at boarding school, or controlling a park ranger on a cold and stormy night, Puppet Combo embraces its PS1 style wholeheartedly, and VHS horror is rooted in every game.When Konami canceled Silent Hill in 2015, a series of spiritual successors and games were released that were heavily influenced by silent Hill’s playable trailer.This includes Sad Square Studios’ first game, psychological horror Visage.Set in the 1980s, you play Dwayne Anderson, a father whose home is being invaded by the supernatural as he tries to find a way out and learn more about what’s causing all the supernatural activity in his home.As you explore this mostly dark and quiet house, supernatural entities will taunt you by breaking light bulbs, turning lights on/off, and closing doors.This constant sensory horror, combined with an attempt to keep the protagonist sane, makes Visage one of the more challenging horror games released in recent years.It’s a game of trial and error, but your patience will pay off with an engaging story and perhaps a lot of jump-scare.