Kim Kardashian has been slammed for flaunting her wealth after she threw a pink pajama party with her best friends

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Kim Kardashian and her friends are throwing a pink pajama party on a luxury private jet, according to the Sun on February 3.Fashion stars sported cute casual looks in pink bodysuits from Kardashian’s SKIMS collection.The news was immediately criticized by netizens for showing off their wealth.Kim shared photos of her outing with Olivia Pearson and Natalie Halcro on her Instagram.Their tights were bubblegum girlish pink.Kim Kardashian showed off her sexy figure in a crop top and boxer shorts.Olivia wore a tank top and leggings, while Natalie wore a tank top and shorts.At the end of the post, Kim posted a photo that looked like she had just woken from a sleep, with her hair in a tangle, arms outstretched and a giant yawn that didn’t look 41 at all.She captioned: ‘Pajama party on private jet for Natalie’s birthday!And after the reality star was recently slammed by fans for ‘flaunting her wealth’, Kim seems completely unfazed, still boasting about her private jet trips on social media.Earlier this week, Kim shared a photo on social media of her daughters Chicago and Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormy wrapped in a $640 Louis Vuitton towel.The two four-year-olds shared the luxury item, while Kim happily wished Stormy a happy birthday in the caption, writing: ‘My little darling Stormy, you have no idea how much auntie loves you!It’s not the first time the Kardashians have flaunted their wealth to their fans, as one fan unearthed a video from two years ago in which Stormy even said the word “platinum.”Kelly’s surprise for her daughter was a giant arcade in the backyard of the house.Many netizens said the two-year-old knew she was rich and thought her Christmas surprise was an Hermes Birkin bag – a synonym for wealth.While Kim Kardashian has recently come under fire for flaunting her wealth, she continues to post fashion photos on social media to promote her brand SKIMS.SKIMS recently released its new Valentine’s Day collection, and Kim posted photos of herself in a pink Valentine’s Day outfit.In one photo, Kim puts her finger to her lips in a tight pink top and high-slit bikini bottoms, giving her a toned figure.In another promotional photo, she poses sultry for the camera in a raspberry-colored high-waisted top and casual shorts.She was happy to announce that SKIMS ‘Valentine’s Day store had just launched.It comes with the tagline: New styles, new colors, new ways to dress for the sexiest day of the year!Kim Kardashian looks to be in a good mood as she promotes her brand.It seems that no matter what people and the media say about Kim Kardashian, she always shows that she doesn’t care.