Dream first, the new generation of Ford Mondeo Travel edition rendering exposed

2022-05-28 0 By

Ford recently launched the all-new Mondeo in China, which is expected to go on sale in the first quarter of this year.For the overseas market, whether there will be a new Mondeo listed or a doubt, foreign media has been unable to wait according to the three-compartment version of the car to draw a new travel version of the rendering.As you can see from the image, the new car will not be any different from the hatchback version before the front section or b-pillar, which is the latest ford family style.No matter it is the split-type big light group, the through-through LED light belt, the flat polygon big mouth grille, or the through-through lower grille of the front bumper part, all appear to be layered, moving and recognizable.On the side of the body, the new car basically copied the design idea of The Fox travel version. After b-pillar, it did not adopt the flat roof design of the traditional German station wagon, but had a relatively obvious roof drop. With the new Mondeo’s original fierce multi-section waist line, it formed a relatively sporty big trunk line.At the rear, in addition to the new Mondeo’s signature through-through taillights, the new car has a significant rear-view wide-body effect, which further enhances the sporty atmosphere.The incline Angle of the rear window is also quite large, which reinforces this attribute.Concave and convex trunk cover with the rear bumper part of the delicate through the decoration, showing a good sense of design.In the interior part, if there really will be a travel version of the launch, it will certainly use the three-box version of the same large size through the LCD screen design, has a very good performance in the sense of science and technology.In terms of power, the new car should also continue the powertrain with the 2.0-t engine and 8AT gearbox, and a hybrid version is expected.Ford had previously said that the new Mondeo model will only be sold in the Chinese market, but a large number of foreign media in the United States took the car test spy photos, the future new car may not necessarily be a special car in the Chinese market, so the launch of the station wagon is not impossible.What kind of performance can be very interesting to see.