Video host side can be added live promotion, Baijun released “Video Number Spring Festival content consumption insight”

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100 accurate recently found that the video support host side main interface to add live promotion, video will be limited to the live broadcast room.In addition, users can watch the news broadcast in the video number. At 8:15, the “love Kaleidoscope” emotion live week was officially opened, and Baijun released the “Video Number Spring Festival Content consumption insight” report.After updating wechat to the latest version, the video host can add live promotion before and during live broadcast through the main interface of the host side.Anchors only need to click on the main screen of live broadcast to place live promotion in the live broadcast room. The promotion information will be the last operation of the main broadcast by default, in case of expired live promotion.In addition, anchors can share links to articles on official accounts, business cards of enterprises on wechat, and add previews of the next live broadcast.Adding the live broadcast promotion function on the side of the video host can better strengthen the influence of the video host, improve the marketing efficiency of the host, and consolidate the infrastructure of the video host commercialization.From February 19, the video number will gradually restrict the anchor in the live broadcast room.In the process of live broadcast of video number, the anchor shall not hang the commodity link of 0 yuan in the video number direct broadcast room for sale in the form of deposit, deposit, prepayment, welfare and so on.The product link appearing in the broadcast room should have clear product title, clear picture, and the price of the product is within a reasonable value range.The introduction of this rule can better protect the basic rights and interests of consumers, reduce disputes caused by after-sales problems.At 8:15 “Love Kaleidoscope” emotion live week open February 14 is the Western Valentine’s Day, 8:15 in February 14-February 18 open the theme of “love kaleidoscope” emotion live week activities.More than ten celebrities entered the video studio, bringing rich emotional knowledge to the audience and sharing their emotional experience.(8:15, turn your emotional kaleidoscope) | Video number Live Broadcast “News Broadcast” From February 11, “News Broadcast” on the wechat video number started the simultaneous live broadcast.Every night at 7 p.m., everyone can watch the News broadcast through the video number.A total of 626,000 people watched the live broadcast of the news Broadcast on Feb 11, according to Data from BCC.With the advent of the mobile Internet era, the pace of people’s life has become faster.Many people do not have the means to watch the network News on TV every day.With the help of wechat ecology, the audience can watch the News Broadcast anytime and anywhere and keep abreast of major events at home and abroad.100 accurate released “Video number Spring Festival content consumption insight” on February 11, 100 accurate officially released the “Video number Spring Festival content consumption insight”.This year’s Spring Festival, the video number and red envelope cover carried out a deep linkage, launched a lot of gameplay.The cover of red envelope is no longer the exclusive of big brands. Every video blogger has the opportunity to make his or her own red envelope cover to interact with his or her audience through the cover of red envelope, strengthen the emotional link and promote the growth of fission.On this occasion, Baijun summarized and combed a series of hot spots and actions of the Video number during the Spring Festival, and released the “Video Number Spring Festival Content Consumption Insight” report.