Under the double reduction policy, students do not want to lie down, so where to go?

2022-05-27 0 By

The country issued a double reduction policy, cram schools, remedial classes have been suspended, but in school, there is a slow acceptance of knowledge of the students must lag behind, parents or students do not want to lie down, that should be where to go?Last year, a parent posted a video of his older child tutoring his younger children and marked 60 yuan per hour for extra lessons. I believe many people have viewed it as a joke at that time. After all, it is estimated that two children should study.This does not accord with double reduction policy absolutely ah, the country is not allowed privately make up for a lesson, some places still bring private make up for a lesson behavior into good faith blacklist, is this hurting younger brother?Some idle eat melon masses actually will be a matter to report, said the guidance is also charged, is fundamentally alternative remedial classes.The government, fearing the spread of the incident, investigated the case and then rushed to reply.Elder brothers tutoring younger brothers is not a remedial lesson, but if in-service teachers are not tutoring their own children but their relatives, it is easy to cause a big problem.Is equal to say that teachers or other capable people to relatives and children free make-up lessons need to be reported, if not reported or paid make-up lessons, are violations.Although is the tone of ridicule, but also let a person see helpless.In the wake of a nationwide trend to report illegal remedial lessons, how can any teacher dare to get too close to students?That many parents and students who do not want to lie down worried up, the child’s academic change where to go?In fact, for this matter, the country has already given corresponding policies: 1.2. If you have children on the national Education Resources public Service Platform, please write it down.