“The emperor wants to whole dead me every day” the emperor wants to poison her every day, this empress she improper!

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Recently, many fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian this also feel empathy.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!Good-looking words remember to collect, not afraid of later again book shortage!Today xiaobian recommended to everyone: “The Emperor wants to kill me every day” the emperor wants to poison her every day, this queen she improper!The first: “explode laugh palace wear: the empress of the emperor ran again!”Introduce: I, this is a female jiao e, but helpless wear a man body!Wear wear, how to wear the emperor!Say, this emperor, you old nothing, why marry so many wives!Each one grows, that is called a…How is she going to be able to handle it?Come on, let’s do it first!”Hiss – love concubine you this is stem what?””Have you forgotten, your Majesty, what the queen said?She said if you touched me again, she’d run away and never come back.”…It makes me cry!I, this person ah, there is no fault!Nothing really wrong!But, how nai, pass through to this, unexpectedly nurturance is afraid of wife’s temper!”Your Majesty, it’s no good, the queen has run away again!””What?Run away again?”I, but is a concubine, steal a fishy, as for as for it!Ah – don’t say, or first come back to say again: “dear cousin queen, you come back!Come back here!I can’t leave my harem without you!”Wonderful content: want me to heel a woman that that, I this or for a while half meeting cannot accept, not not, this kind of thing, I how can accept, I am a person of moral integrity!I can’t easily act like a woman…However, I looked at mo Beauty that graceful posture, I this so-called moral integrity, already hua Lala dropped a ground.I also finally be understood, that famous sentence: peony flower next dead, do a ghost also romantic!That’s absolutely true!As a man in the guise of a woman’s heart, I cannot resist the lure of beauty, let alone the cowardly emperor of my past.Chen Guifei is very clever in accordance with me in my arms, stretched out his hand in my chest with a circle, and soft voice said: “The emperor, do not want tonight to call mo beauty bedroom.””A bed?”When I sigh, Chen imperial concubine’s words almost scared me to death.Although I love this beautiful woman, I can’t have anything with her. After all, I still have a problem with being a woman.”HMM yes, mo beauty into the palace for three years, but also did not serve bed once, the emperor don’t want…””I…”I don’t know what to say, I can’t tell her I’m a woman, so I can’t sleep with her.But if I said that, would anyone believe me?Chen Beauty must be that I am mad, silly, just say such words, oh, I really suffering!Facing the beauty of the harem, how should I choose?Looking at the emperor that no love expression, Chen Guifei thought the emperor is thought of longgen reasons, so, Chen Guifei whispered smile, “the emperor is worried about the body of the reason?The court concubine had already asked the doctor, and the doctor said, “It’s ok as long as you use it carefully.”(Click the link below for free reading) The second book: “The Emperor Wants to kill me every day” introduction: Lin Xiaomeng through the family into a big, forced the emperor to sleep on brushwood and taste gall queen, picked up two eyes blind.All she wanted was her life, her career, her wealth, nothing!Since ancient times, it is the right choice to stay away from dangerous people.Chu Fu-lin, the puppet emperor, pretended to be obedient and cowardly, married a tigress, and the harem was dissolved.Recently, the emperor is more and more attentive to Lin Xiaomeng. Is the emperor interested in her?No, this is definitely trying to poison her, the queen I don’t want to do it!!To which Lin could only say with a smile, “No…I like it.”On board the royal carriage, Lin Xiaomeng once again lamented the ancient luxury ah, even at the foot of the golden nanmu board seam with a good piece of polished jade made, stepping on the smooth, without any discomfort.Chu Fu Lin let Lin Xiaomeng sit in the middle, he sat on the side of the body, hand from beginning to end did not loosen.Now Lin Xiaomeng returned to taste, also thinking chu Fu Lin is not also using such a way to test their own is not really like him.So she took his hand back.Here, Lin Xiaomeng also opened the curtain, looking at the scene a little bit from the imperial city around the majestic Zhuang Sen become lively.Walked through a huge archway, in front of the capital is one of the most prosperous streets – sheng Long Street.Stalls are not allowed here, and the road is lined with seemingly elegant and expensive shops, where guests come in and out of the store are all dignitaries in gold and silver, with few commoners.This must be the face of the capital.Before in any TV drama inside have never seen so real and prosperous scene, as if is a little not pay attention to it will sink, just want to spend their days and nights in luxury.Sufferings?To them, it must be a distant word.But she had hardly thought of the distance before she saw a dirty figure huddled at the end of the corner.His body was trembling, and his inattention was about to disappear at the next moment.Intuition told Lin Xiaomeng – this person ignore may really disappear in the world!Introduction: Since the war god of Yi came to Wanqi as a proton, Ji Wan qi, the emperor who was waiting for death, wanted to die every day.This is not a proton ah, clearly a big man!She must live at the best, she must eat at the best, and she must play from time to time!Ji Wan Qi provided food and drink for fear of upsetting the big man Proton, so as not to destroy her country with soldiers in a bad mood.Melody…It’s so hard to be an emperor waiting to die.Until one day, Ji Wan Qi’s own queen was hooked up by uncle Proton’s men, turned green, and ran with the ball after.Ji Wan Qi could not bear it any longer!Climbed the wall into Lord Proton’s chambers overnight.”Mu Xuan Yue!Your ya compensate me queen!”Mu Xuan yue hook his lips, “pay for your queen?Why don’t you pay for your husband, huh?Your Highness nine?”Ji Wan qi: $& AMP;#…amp! Her vest! It’s showing!Ji Wan qi shouted loudly, turned around and prepared to run away, but did not want to people around her movement much faster than her.Mu Xuan yue picked up Ji qi’s collar on the back of her neck and turned her around with thin lips close to her. “Qi qi, you have cheated me very hard.”Who can think, the little emperor who eats and waits for death is actually a female jiao e, or the president of the Nine ye chamber of Commerce, nine Royal Highness.But also his sweetheart.Wonderful content: Bai Ye came out from the back of the hall to see such a scene.”Nine royal highness, bai mou not far welcome, return hope excuse me!”Bai Ye smiled and walked toward the woman in white.”Nine Lords!”His Royal Highness Nine!As bai Ye’s name, the chamber of commerce inside the businessmen have exclaim.The woman who was called Nine Royal Lords nodded to the white knight and followed him into the back hall.The departure of two people, did not make just exclaim quiet, but usher in more discussions.A newcomer who just joined the chamber of Commerce asked, “Who is Your Highness Nine?””His highness Nine is an old man of the Nine Ye Chamber of Commerce. He founded the nine Ye Chamber of Commerce together with President Bai Ye. His identity is a mystery and his whereabouts are strange.””Not only that, Your Highness Nine is a very skilled doctor in the world, but every patient she handles, even if she has only the breath left, can still be alive and well the next day.””Yes, that’s why they call her Your Highness Nine.”The new man listened to the introduction of the seniors around, although some clouds in the fog, but in the heart of the impression of the nine Royal Highness, but also a lot of high.And inside the hall, bai Ye took nine royal highness to a warehouse.The smell of herbs fills the warehouse, where a dozen or so palace attendants are sorting the concocted herbs into storage cabinets.”All of you go first.”The white knight said to the men in the storehouse.”Be.”Hearing this, more than ten palace attendants immediately stopped their work and withdrew from the warehouse.Waiting for the warehouse did not have the rest of the people, the white ye this just turned around to see the woman in white, slightly bow, “see the emperor.”His Royal Highness is none other than Ji Wan Qi in women’s dress.Ji Wan Qi snapped the folding fan in her hand shut and leaned on the table at random. “Brother Ye, this is not a royal palace. Just call him as before.”Smell speech, bai Ye’s eye reveals a warm current, warm voice line, “seven seven.”Ji Wan Qi nodded her head and squinted with a smile, “It sounds much better than the emperor!”Bai Ye followed her with a smile and bent his fingers on Ji’s wan qi’s forehead. “You!What if I am not at the chamber of Commerce?”(Click the link below to read it for free.) That’s all for today’s recommendation. What would you like to say to the editor?Leave a comment in the comments section at the end of this article, and you can see it. Look forward to your comments