Clarins, Burberry and other 35 cosmetics samples were fined 887,000 yuan for labeling HARMAY plum as “not compliant”

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Source:Cncnfinance and Economics on March 17 (reporter Du Ding) The national enterprise credit Information Disclosure system recently released an administrative penalty information shows that the beauty of the new retail brand HARMAY meimei associated company Shanghai Meimei Lexiang Enterprise Development Co., LTD. Because 35 cosmetics sample label does not comply with the provisions, was fined 735,000 yuan,Illegal gains of 151,900 yuan were confiscated, with a total of 887,000 yuan confiscated.According to the Written Decision on Administrative Punishment (Huang Office of Shanghai Municipal Supervision Bureau (2022) 012021000502), on April 16, 2021,Shanghai Huangpu District Supervision bureau law enforcement officers of Shanghai Huemei Lexiang Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. is located in The Huangpu District xingye Road 123 Lane 5 101, 102, 103, 201, 202, 203, 206 unit “HARMAY plum” cosmetics collection store for on-site inspection.Since January 2021, humei has been found to have sold four cosmetics, including CLARINS ‘rejuvenating stretch day cream (5ml), tiffany & TIFFANY&CO.”The brand zhi Love women’s perfume (5ml) and 2 cosmetics, 1 “BURBERRY” brand Mr. Men’s perfume (mini) (5ml), “DECORTE” brand AQ Zhen Zhen Yan Yue Huo toner (18ml) and 17 cosmetics, a total of 24 cosmetics from 4 brands have missing items in Chinese label.According to the notice, She violated article 35, paragraph 1, of the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of cosmetics: “The smallest selling unit of cosmetics shall have a label.Labels should comply with relevant laws, administrative regulations and mandatory national standards, and the content should be true, complete and accurate.”Constitutes the operation of cosmetics whose labels do not conform to the provisions.In addition, during the investigation of the case, some cosmetics sold by Humei still had missing items in Chinese labels.It involves 11 products of 7 brands including IPSA, ANESSA Anthera, ELIXIR, ERNO LASZLO Olenazu, La Prairie Lepone and POLA.It is understood that the above label violations are mainly concentrated in the label without cosmetics composition list, no production batch number, no import cosmetics record number, etc..Information shows that Shanghai Huimeilexiang Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. was established on August 21, 2020, with legal representative Wang Junchao and registered capital of 10 million YUAN.HARMAY raised about $200 million (1.27 billion yuan) in Round D financing earlier this year, and has completed four rounds of financing so far, according to media reports.Public information shows that at present, HARMAY sells more than 400 big brands and overseas niche brands, more than 9000 SKUS, and more than 100 new cooperative brands in 2021.