Please check the guidelines for elderly COVID-19 vaccination

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Novel coronavirus infection is highly contagious among the whole population. The risk of severe illness and death in the elderly is much higher than that in the young.If the elderly are infected, the proportion of hospitalized, the proportion of the need for rescue is higher, and the hospital stay is longer, vaccination is the best way to prevent the onset of the elderly.Why older people need COVID-19 vaccine more?How safe is COVID-19 vaccine for the elderly? Are there any adverse reactions?Gansu Center for Disease Control and Prevention answered the question.Q: What should older people be aware of when getting vaccinated?A: For people aged 60 and older, if they have underlying medical conditions, it is recommended that they be vaccinated during the plateau period. Some older people may not be sure, so it is recommended that they consult their vaccination doctor or clinician to evaluate whether they can be vaccinated.In the process of vaccination, it is recommended that the elderly be accompanied by their family members and do a good job in vaccination to prevent accidents such as falls during vaccination.The elderly are also required to stay for 30 minutes after receiving the inoculation.If you experience discomfort symptoms that last for a long time after vaccination, it is recommended to seek medical advice as soon as possible. If there is a suspected relationship with the vaccine, you should also report it as soon as possible.Q: Why do older people need COVID-19 vaccination more?Answer: in the past two years, through the will of the coronavirus study found that the elderly vaccination will be coronavirus vaccine after neutralizing antibody level is lower than young people, and all the people after the new crown vaccine, with the passage of time, the neutralizing antibody level also can appear a certain degree of decline, so of the elderly should be eligible for vaccination timely vaccination booster shot as soon as possible.Therefore, it is very necessary for the elderly to be vaccinated.Q: How safe is COVID-19 vaccine for the elderly? Are there any adverse reactions?A: All the COVID-19 vaccines currently in use in China have been tested on the whole population, including the elderly, and shown to be safe.Among all kinds of COVID-19 vaccines, China’s flagship vaccines have lower overall side effects, and the elderly have slightly lower adverse reactions than adults.The Novel Coronavirus vaccine can be administered to older persons except those who have had anaphylactic shock or laryngeal edema as a result of vaccination, and those who are in the process of fever or acute episodes of infectious and neurological diseases.Q: Is it necessary to get vaccinated if you live in remote areas?A: Very necessary.With vaccination rates rising among young people, many young people who do get the infection have mild or even asymptomatic symptoms.When they go home to visit the elderly, they risk bringing the virus home and infecting them.Secondly, in rural areas, especially in remote areas, medical treatment conditions are relatively poor compared with those in cities, so vaccination is the best protection measure.Article compiled by Ouyang Haijie, riverrun news reporter