She used to be the party secretary of Guangzhou. Her husband was an official at the vice-state level, but her eldest son was working on the farm, leading a poor life

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When the 1997 years, a once in a revolutionary soldiers fought in the revolutionary war finally saw the moment of China ushered in the maintain their sovereignty, the year Hong Kong finally returned to the embrace of the motherland, see the front of the television broadcast the sacred moment, make the man revolution war baptism of revolutionary soldier couldn’t help falling tears.As one of the early cadres of the Party who participated in the revolution, Zeng Zhi not only made great contributions in the revolutionary War years, but also served as the deputy secretary of guangzhou Municipal Party Committee after the founding of New China, leading the economic construction of Guangzhou. During this period, her husband Tao Zhu was also promoted to vice state level, but her son still worked at home on the farm.So why is the son of this highly decorated cadre still working at home?Seeing the return of Hong Kong, an old man in Beijing deeply felt the pride brought by the strength of the motherland, which was also her original intention to participate in the revolutionary War period. The cadres who had experienced the baptism of revolutionary flames of war was Zeng Zhi.As an early leading cadre of the Party, Zeng Zhi made outstanding achievements. In her youth, she went to the school to receive education in spite of the social prejudice against female education at that time, and gradually became a contemporary intellectual.It was also during her studies that Zeng Zhi saw the darkness and decay of government rule, so she decided to devote herself to the student movement and fight for the rights and interests of the young people of that era.After joining the student organization, Zeng Zhi soon came into contact with progressive thoughts. Later, thanks to the great situation of the Northern Expedition war and the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, the revolutionary thoughts of the Party organization were widely spread in many schools, and Zeng Zhi was also affected, so he decided to join the revolutionary movement.When zeng Zhi joined the Party organization through student organization, she was only 15 years old, but she had already made sufficient psychological preparation for the difficult revolutionary war in the future. When the Party organization publicized the victory of the Northern Expedition War, the reactionary forces suddenly defected, making the revolutionary cause enter the most difficult moment.Accompany the beginning of armed revolution, ceng Zhi also obeyed the arrangement of the party organization, came to underground work of a first-line organization, she still encountered her future husband Xia Mingzhen during this.Unfortunately, Xia Mingzhen sacrificed himself in the front line of the revolution, which gave Zeng Zhi a huge spiritual blow.Shortly after the death of her husband, zeng Zhi was transferred back to the Soviet Area at the age of 17 by the Party organization and engaged in revolutionary work in the Soviet area. It was also during this period that she was pregnant, so she had much inconvenience at work.Zeng Zhi, who had been working in the Soviet area, was also full of joy when he saw the success of the Red Army on the front line. However, the reactionary forces soon organized a large army to suppress the red Army.In the contrast between the strength of the enemy and our situation, the party organization resolutely carried out a strategic shift, so pregnant Zeng Zhi had to follow the Red Army to transfer.With the help of her comrades, Zeng Zhi successfully gave birth to her first child, her eldest son. However, in order to ensure the safety of her child, she entrusted her child to a local elder sister to take care of her, and she continued to walk on the road of revolution.Second, the son of a senior cadre actually worked at home and continued to walk on the revolutionary road. Zeng Zhi later married her later husband Tao Zhu because of the need of revolutionary work and set up a revolutionary family. However, she never forgot her eldest son whom she had given up for adoption because of the revolutionary war.After the victory of the revolutionary war, as a revolutionary war Zeng Zhi later was one of its outstanding cadres party appointed to deputy secretary of municipal party committee of guangzhou, the guangzhou’s economic construction work began, her husband, tao zhu also added to the work of economic construction as the tao zhu excellent performance on economic construction, he was appointed to vice premier of the State Council, officer to associate level.After becoming a senior official, Zeng commissioned party organizations to look for her long-lost eldest son, who was eventually tracked down with the help of local organizations.After more than 20 years, Zeng Zhi find a son, only to find that he is a farmer, although points to the land through land reform, but days still live in poverty, the hard to avoid lets Zeng Zhi felt very sorry for the eldest son, so let the stone moved to Beijing to make a living, but has been a stone to spoil the farmers but rejected the mother well,This makes the mother and son still have to live apart after decades of separation, and zeng Zhi’s eldest son is only a peasant, which also makes zeng Zhi’s strict revolutionary family style highly valued by later generations, and is worth learning by contemporary young people.Conclusion: As a cadre in the early revolutionary cause of the Party organization, Zeng Zhi was already a senior cadre of the Party organization after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. However, she still adhered to the original intention of the revolution and did not give her son any special treatment. Such an excellent cadre also deserves to be remembered by history.