“Hail” in the wind and rain!Look at jinsha County people’s Armed Forces this militia air defense detachment

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Recently, Jinsha County of Guizhou province ushered in the first thunderstorm, according to the meteorological department’s forecast, the thunderstorm will be accompanied by hail, weather modification measures to disperse.Received instructions of jinsha PingBa jinta, pp and taiping township, willow pond town four personnel on duty on the shotpoint rapidly-changing in place, at the same time to carry out the operation, firing drive hail play more than 300, has carried on the effective interception will hail, avoid a loss due to natural disasters on crop production, by jinsha figure do, jinsha meteorological bureau, jinsha department of military equipment orders from praise.The successful execution of the hail task is jinsha County militia air defense unit.Jinsha County, located in the Mountainous area of Wumeng, is the national key grain and oil production county, known as the “granary of Northern Guizhou”, but it is also a severe hail disaster area, the natural formation of three hail belts covering 11 towns and townships (streets) in the county, covering an area of more than 1300 square kilometers, accounting for more than half of the total area of the county.Every spring and summer, all things grow, hail activity is more frequent, a hail rain overwhelming, in a twinkling of an eye, will cause crop failure or failure.In order to reduce or avoid the loss caused by hail rain, Jinsha County adopted weather modification in the late 1980s to create a good environment for agricultural production.An air defense unit of Jinsha County formed by the militia came into being.Jinsha Militia air defense detachment is jointly responsible by Jinsha County Human Resources and Arms Department and Jinsha County Figure Office. The personnel are mainly composed of professional demobilized soldiers and military and civilian professional technicians. Under the unified command of the County Human Resources and Arms Department, the unit is responsible for shooting, maintenance and other training, and the meteorological department serves as technical adviser.Responsible for training the gunners on meteorological knowledge, operation timing, operation position selection, airspace application, ammunition safety, artificial rain enhancement, artificial hail prevention principle and other contents, so as to improve the air defense unit militia’s quick response ability and emergency response ability in sudden hail weather.Since the implementation of weather modification in Jinsha County, the operation stations have grown from 3 at the beginning to 11 now. According to the standard of gun station construction, 10 anti-aircraft guns and 4 sets of rocket launchers have been configured, forming a safe, scientific, reasonable and efficient ground catalytic operation network.The basic requirements of weather modification including scientific guidance, timely warning, effective command and accurate strike have been realized.During the hail prevention period, the jinsha County militia air defense detachment, which is on duty at the gun point, has carried out the task of disperding and intercepting hail rain more than 100 times every year since it was established more than 30 years ago. Over the years, it has saved countless economic losses for the local government and the people.In 2021, in the weather modification skill competition organized by Bijie City, the Jinsha County Air Defense Team won the first place in the group and 11 individual awards.11 cannon site now, in the county militia, a total of 54, among them, more than half are veterans, because the hail is hard to predict, in September each year in March to hail proof, air defense brigade of the militiamen had on the shot, they “can come at the drop of a hat, can from the war, fight to win”, be “hail” most beautiful “NiXingZhe” of wind and rain,Jinsha people as the granary of Northern Guizhou “patron saint”.Li Mingqi Chen Keguo Guizhou Daily Sky Eye news reporter Cheng Xing editor Zeng Tian Liu Juan editor Min Jie Yang Tao