“This killer is not too calm” 2 days broken 400 million, no Shen Teng sit, why can be so aggressive

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At present, the box office of watergate Bridge has exceeded 1 billion yuan. What is surprising is that the second place is Wei Xiang, the Killer is Not Too Calm, starring Ma Li. In the fiercely competitive Spring Festival, without Shen Teng, it is really difficult to achieve this result.The film’s box office has exceeded 100 million yuan for two consecutive days, and the current box office has exceeded 400 million yuan. Although there is a big gap with Watergate Bridge, the film has always occupied the top position in the audience rate. In short video platforms, the film has also exceeded 300 million views.In terms of word of mouth, douban gave the film a 6.9 rating, which seems low, but netizens who have seen the film have given it good reviews.For example, someone said: exceeded expectations, did not go down the three road, challenging a lot of classic films, the most gratified is, not strong on the value, almost all the crying point, burning point, are silky slide back to the laugh point.Also some people say: very good-looking also very funny, seditious not embarrassed, wei Xiang lick knife three times whole shop assistant all smile have no gas, Ma Li’s plump suit this dress up, too beautiful!It can be said that whether from the box office or word of mouth, “The Killer is not too calm” has become a dark horse in the Spring Festival, so in the absence of Shen Teng in the premise, why can this film so bold?”The killer is not too cold in his life is in pursuit of man and a number of wei (wei zifeng) success, suddenly received a female star milan (Ma Lishi) invitation, let his men” killer Carl “number one, because of the crazy play wei success in imperceptible in, in a big lie, when false killer into true Mafia, will bring the experience of how to do, the story begins.As the only pure comedy in the Spring Festival, Leon is absolutely first-class in terms of funny. The audience who have seen the film say that the film is a three-minute one and a five-minute one, and the audience is laughing.At the beginning of the film, Alan played the killer Carl, to execute the task of killing Harvey, as the gold killer, no one has ever seen the true face of Carl, because the people who have seen are dead, so he also has thousands of faces.Although people set to a very cow, but look at his task encounter, will be working workers knocked unconscious, put on the tooling, go on the ambush point already set, originally thought Carl was really bad, the results of a gun will armpit clothes pulled bad, the original tooling is too small., of course, this is not important, when he is ready to shoot, did not think of the first press the Harvey across the blasting button, the original Carl demolition of the ambush point is to find a house, the gold medal killer would it also entered the hospital, also had a cordial meeting with Harvey, who finally found that this time the original Harvey’s ear was not rock avalanche, but was shot,And the other is the gold medal killer Carl.On the other side of the group wei Chenggong is using superb acting to conquer director Miller, when he was hit by a bullet in the head, he actually smiled back to the camera, then fell, Miller is very puzzled, Wei Chenggong said, he is playing cerebral thrombosis patients, when the bullet hit, instant patently, so he smiled.This reason let the audience can not help but laugh and then he was shot by a submachine gun, saw Wei Chenggong constantly with the mouth with the body twist, watching Miller are dumbstruck, the most funny is the shell hit, Wei Chenggong unexpectedly inserted a wing behind, wearing a halo on the head, he wanted to use this way to express their ideas.When they entwine, Harvey came, the original Miller with Milan owed Harvey money, Harvey to let Milan die, or do pressure village wife, and Milan just know Harvey most afraid of Karl, Milan lied that he knew Karl, can be introduced to Harvey, so the story officially began.Behind it is very simple, The Milan sister thought of the drama crazy Wei Success, said to shoot a movie without cameras, to let him become a male, as the killer Carl, Wei success after listening to very excited, since opened the false killer into the true gang absurd story.In the whole drama, the most funny point two, is wei success and Harvey first meeting for the first time, when two people first meet, wei successful jump Harvey on the table, picking up on the side of the knife, mouth lick knife, mouth say, I’m Carl, I heard that you wanted to see me, then jump to the chair, will both legs on the table, exaggerated expression, grandiose action,The audience burst out laughing.Especially when he saw all the people take out their guns on him, he opened the inner monologue, when the siege, either surrender or resist, as the gold killer, surrender of course, with his mouth, but his hand gun to Harvey’s head, and then free to jump out of the window.You think this is the end of it?Results such things to three times, the second time, the gun was first Harvey, did not expect, the success of the wei directly with the hand play Harvey head, also said to see the gun is fast or “finger play” fast, and Harvey said, I don’t believe you can play me.Then a third time, and again on the table, licking the knife, jump back to the bench, but this time changed, he agreed to join Harvey, had two people drink a accomplishment, unexpectedly, wei success to blood, he had cut his hand the sword of ketchup, say oneself in addition to 50 cc, let Harvey also out of 50 cc, I didn’t think Harvey said, my brothers, I only 5 cc,I was laughing my head off.The second funny climax is that Wei and Jimmy successfully went to negotiate with the Italians. At the negotiation table, Jimmy asked Wei to translate successfully. Did you bring the money?”What money?” wei chenggong asked.How do I know?Jimmy said, I’ll let you translate it for him!The wei succeeds say, that you don’t say early.Wei then succeeds in translating, and the dialogue is absolutely brilliant throughout.The funniest part is that when Jimmy asked Wei to successfully take out the gun, Wei succeeded in bringing up the box containing the gun, the result was empty, when asked about the gun?Wei Chenggong said in all seriousness, I feel too heavy, did not take, the late special effects teacher will give, then in front of the Italian, the performance of a non-object with a gun, especially with the mouth sound shooting, is absolutely the biggest laugh point.Apart from these, Wei stuck his head out of the car and opened his mouth to cheer when he succeeded in becoming male No.1, resulting in a fly landing in his mouth and dry heaving.And when Wei successfully asked to see the camera, Wei successfully pretended to be shot, only to take out a bunch of bullets. Milan said, “You are not shot, you are a straw boat to borrow an arrow,” and when the wound needed to be stitched up, Milan simply wiped the red paint with spit to him, making the audience laugh.Of course, there are a lot of jokes, like comedy can go to the cinema to watch, the value of the ticket.
Of course, in addition to Wei Xiang, Ma Li is definitely the highlight of the film, this time Ma Li did not play the role of a tough woman, she became a female star, perhaps to support Wei Xiang, Ma Li’s whole performance is almost in the way of holding back, no unnecessary action, funny is through a few lines.For example, when Harvey first showed up, Mary was like, “How old are you playing in mud?”Then it is to love spending money, love live mud, let the audience laugh.In fact, over the years, Mary’s popularity really had, but her last film really gloomy, seems after leaving Shen Teng, Mary lost their direction, but fortunately, wei zifeng, let Mary get respite, maybe later “horse” shen combination, will appear a “horse” wei combination, so also quite good congratulate happy twist, after hard for so many years,Finally successfully copied another Shen Teng Happy Mahua is currently one of the most famous comedy group in China, and the soul of this team is Shen Teng. It can be said that as long as there is shen Teng, whether the ratings or box office will not be bad, “containing teng” once became one of the standards to measure the quality of Mahua happy films.Happy twist after see Shen Teng company to bring huge benefits, they always want to replicate another Shen Teng, over the years has been for it constantly, from Allen to Chang Yuan Huang Cai Aaron now, but the result is a twist of word of mouth in the heart of the audience kept lower, copying another Shen Teng is failed, so to speak.But when Mahua Funage is ready to give up, a man named Wei Xiang stands out, he and Ma Li carry mahua Funage 2022 Spring Festival box office, this man also let Mahua funage see another Shen Teng.Shen Teng himself after watching the film, also issued such feelings, after mahua film viewing standard is no longer “teng amount”, but “xiang amount”, Wei Xiang let me feel the real threat.From Shen Teng this sentence is not hard to hear, he highly recognized Wei Xiang, in addition to Shen Teng, “de Cloud brother” Yue Yunpeng also publicly praised in the variety show said, Wei Xiang is too good.So can be Shen Teng with Yue Yunpeng recognized wei Xiang in the end is where sacred?Why hasn’t he been popular for so many years?When directing Qiao’s Courtyard, Director Hu Mei told Zhang Yi that if an actor is not famous at the age of 28, then his life will be like this. Interestingly, Zhang Yi did become famous at the age of 28 with Soldiers Assault.But this sentence as some do not conform to, to wei zifeng wei zifeng have the actor the road for 24 years, in his words, I’m 42 years old, can get the first one, a man of life, my life complete, and that is an actor’s insistence, also verified the movie that “successful and unsuccessful sent a adhere to the”.Wei Xiang was the first to enter Mahua Fun. He was caught by Shen Teng. At that time, Mahua was still very down and out.Wei Xiang is best known for his coaching role in The Richest Man in Hong Kong. Although wei xiang didn’t have many scenes at that time, all of them were classics.For example, the scene in which a pig is eaten three times left a deep impression on the audience. However, in order to create a good character of coach, Wei Xiang was still gossiping and looking down on Wang Dao Yu at one second, and then he became rampant. Especially, the gradual change of his eyes from narrowing to widening highlighted his mean and ambitious face.In “the killer is not too cold,” wei zifeng also acting performance incisively and vividly, not only pay tribute to the “king of the comedy” Stephen chow and challenges the “dance in the rain”, is the most moving, when wei successfully learned that he was cheated him crying at the seaside, looked up and saw a crab upset by the sea, and stick to run to the shore, he shed tears,While cheering for it, many audience moved.The shooting of this scene was actually carried out in the green cloth, when Wei Xiang was performing to a cross tape. During the whole shooting, Wei Xiang was always in a crazy state, or this little crab reminded him of himself. He had been a part-time player for 24 years, and only Wei Xiang himself knew the bitterness and suffering.Wei zifeng is in such a small role for 24 years, and after many years of insist, he finally ushered in the “red”, success relies on some XieXing wei in the film role, wei zifeng finally fire, he became happy twist second Shen Teng actually from the point of the movie crowd of theater, comedy is very have market, almost all the family came to see the film,As a family movie, there is not too much sensationalism, but more absurd funny into it, or that is why this film is still popular after leaving the shenanigan.