On their wedding night, Lu Xun lay in bed with tears streaming down his face. From then on, he never touched his wife and abstained from sex for 20 years

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Lu Xun, the name may have a very deep impression on most people, especially on his works, had a very profound impact on the era at that time, but also received more people’s recognition.It was in the process of writing that Lu Xun came into contact with the influence of many advanced ideas, which also had a great influence on his mate selection.Even so, Lu Xun still could not escape the feudal custom of arranged marriage, facing all this is lu Xun had to choose to accept for filial piety, in the wedding night, Lying on the bed of Lu Xun tears flow, in the following 20 years, have not touched his original wife.Lu Xun was born in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province on September 25, 1881. In fact, Lu Xun is his pen name, not his original name. His real name is Zhou Zhangshou.Lu Xun was very talented when he was young. In 1892, he was only 11 years old when he entered the Sanwei Bookstore to study.During his study, he got to know a friend named Zhang Runshui, and they had a very deep affection. They would go to the yard together in their spare time to draw pictures in the yard, and they had many common topics.However, unfortunately in 1893, Lu Xun’s grandfather was imprisoned in prison for various reasons, and his father also suffered from a very serious illness.This makes the financial situation in the home suddenly fell to the bottom.That is, lu Xun began to feel the changes in human life and the fickleness of the world.Every time he went to the drugstore to fill medicine for his father, he would always be sneered at by the drugstore clerk. After his father passed away, Lu Xun’s situation became more difficult than before, because his uncles wanted to share the property in the family, but Lu Xun refused to sign, and was scolded by the elders of the family.After seeing clearly the human feelings in the world, the first thing he did above all is to change his name into Zhou Shuren, also secretly vowed to study well in the heart, become an indominable man.After having this ambition, he began his own struggle, he used his own pen, for the development of new China founded in development made a lot of indelible contributions.02 Escape from The Misfortune of Arranged Marriage Although Lu Xun made many great achievements in writing, he was also doomed by arranged marriage. At that time, Lu Xun was still young and his father was still alive. In order to make Lu Xun have a happy family in the future, they arranged for lu Xun to get married at an early age.Facing the evil custom of arranged marriage, Lu Xun’s heart was extremely disgusted, because his thoughts were very advanced.Although he can choose his favorite partner to communicate with in study, he does not have the right to choose his spouse in marriage.At that time, the elders believed that a wife should uphold the qualities of virtue, not only bound feet, but also be able to serve the elders and take care of the household affairs.Therefore, Lu Xun’s parents felt that a woman named Zhu ‘an was very suitable, because the woman was not only bound feet, but also very virtuous and virtuous, plus very good at housework. Lu Xun’s parents were very satisfied with her, so they planned to let Lu Xun marry her.In this way, the marriage was decided, but Lu Xun resisted the marriage very much. Finally, he had no choice but to study abroad to resist the marriage.When Lu Xun came to Japan, he put all his energy on study and soon got married, which she soon forgot. It was not until 1906 that Lu Xun received a telegram, the words above made Lu Xun very worried, because the telegram said: mother ill soon return.After seeing the telegram, Lu Xun was very worried, fearing that his mother’s condition would worsen, so he immediately asked for leave from school and went home.But who knows, Lu Xun just arrived at the door, to meet him is a different scene.Home decorated with lanterns, covered with the word.In hindsight, Lu Xun realized that his mother’s illness was false, and it was true to deceive him into coming back to get married.After learning that he had been cheated, Lu Xun was both angry and surprised.After entering his mother’s room, his mother was wearing a red dress and looked at him happily. In the face of all this, Lu Xun had to choose obedience for filial piety. At this moment, Lu Xun only hoped that his wife, who had never been to the house, did not bindings her feet.03 in the face of married wife, abstinence for 20 years but the reality is often disappointing, when the bride walked into the house of that moment, Lu Xun was completely dead, because the bride wrapped in the shape of small feet, very dazzling.So a marriage, destined to be full of sorrow, was completed.At night after his wedding, Lu Xun, like a marionette, lifted the veil of his married wife in accordance with the rules and looked at the strange face. Lu Xun was extremely disappointed.So, on this unhappy night, the newlyweds, lying in one bed, had different ideas.I saw two people back to back to sleep together, one side of Lu Xun is more tears flow.After that night, Lu Xun never went into his wife’s room. He took her to sleep in his study every night.It wasn’t long before Lu Xun ran away from his first wife on the pretext of going to school in Japan.In the face of all this, the wife Zhu An knew very well in her heart. In order to gain her husband’s recognition, she made a lot of efforts. During the years when her husband went to Study in Japan, Zhu An would stay at home to take care of her elders and do her best without complaining.But what she did did not move her husband, Lu Xun later chose to marry xu Guangping, and gave birth to their own baby, even so Zhu An did not hate her husband, after Lu Xun passed away, she held a wake for her husband in the hall for seven days and seven nights, moving.04 Conclusion Zhu An, is a victim of the feudal society, under the influence of those dregs of the feudal thoughts, she lost herself, married a husband who did not love her, lost love.Have to say, Lu Xun is also cruel, because he married his wife’s behavior is too cruel, but Lu Xun to the feudal thought of fighting behavior, is also worth us to learn.We should be glad that we live in such a new era, free love, no arranged marriage, no such evil customs as foot binding, therefore, we should be glad and happy.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!