No!The lakers are going to sign him back without a face?

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In fact, it’s almost a foregone conclusion every year that a player in the NBA will get a championship ring at the end of the trade deadline, or, more precisely, after the buyout market closes.With the end of this year’s trade deadline battle, the crazy buyout market, once again lit up the NBA smoke, rather than “wishful thinking” trade, the buyout market is actually a team and player selection, teams will choose their own players to supplement the last weak link before the playoffs.Players, on the other hand, are more likely to go to championship teams. After all, they are in the free agent pool, and championship is more important than salary.It’s only been a half month, but the buyout market has always been as good as the trade market, and the latest example is Griffin and Aldridge, who rushed to Brooklyn to try to make their last push.And this year’s big fish, it seems, is no more plentiful than last year’s: the first fish, we are most familiar with the little yellow hair founder: Dennis schroeder.Schroder being waived by the Green Seemed more unexpected than harden, Simmons, or Porzingis.Boston traded Schroder to the rockets with no word of him making $5.8 million…But schroder, 28, has absolutely no chance of staying with the rockets, and there is no reason for the rockets to keep schroder as a rebuilding team, and Schroder is not going to waste a season at his prime because of the 5.8 million he doesn’t care about.Therefore, after entering the buyout market, Schroder is bound to be surrounded by a large number of teams in an instant;Second, dragic, 35, knows how much age and experience are superfluous assets to a rebuilding team, and how valuable they are to a championship team.According to the sources, the Mavericks, Nets, Warriors, Clippers, bulls and other championship teams that lack backup point players are interested in Dragic, and several teams have begun to vacate their positions, only for Dragic to join, to increase their immediate strength.The third fish, still a point guard, is Eric Bradsoe, also known as Bloodcloth.For the warm return the Blazers gave to Covington and Powell, there’s no chance that Bradsoe will stay in the torn City. At 32, he’s not old for a short, beefy point guard, but as a player with a $20 million contract, a buyout is the only way to smooth out the season.And it seems to pay attention to the Nets fans friends, the mind will also flash a name: Benbury.In the case of Irving’s delay in returning this season, Benbury has become a defensive hero on the back line of the nets for half a season. His single defense ability is tough and excellent, and the offensive ability is also remarkable. He can be fully qualified for the team’s rotation guard, and it can also serve as a surprise in the key playoff games.According to sources, the Bucks and the Philadelphia 76ers, where James Harden is headed, are both aggressively pursuing Benbury.