Lantern Festival train tickets have been sold, these tickets do not support convenient refund!

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Pay attention!Train tickets for the Lantern Festival will go on sale on February 1, marking the last important time to buy tickets during the Spring Festival travel rush, according to the current 15-day advance period for railway tickets.The 40-day travel rush will end on Feb 25.From January 17 to 31, 15 days before the Spring Festival travel rush, a total of 86.16 million trips were made by railways across China, up 33.82 million trips year-on-year, up 65%.China’s railway cargo shipment reached 156.64 million tons, an increase of 1.01 million tons or 0.7% over the same period last year. The Spring Festival railway transportation was safe and orderly, passenger flow was generally flat, and freight transportation increased year-on-year.The new quarantine policies for both origin and destination can be found on the Railway 12306APP.Railway ticketing service measures extended website (including mobile client) ticketing and change service time passengers for ticket purchase or change business, from the original daily 5:00 to 23:30 to 5:00 to 1:00 the next morning (except every Tuesday);The deadline for waiting for tickets has been adjusted from 6 hours before the latest departure date to 2 hours. Passengers can also apply for waiting for tickets 2 hours before the departure date.Electronic ticket change function has been added to the self-service ticket terminal, passengers can complete ticket change business on the self-service ticket collection machine;The service functions of will be optimized and upgraded again. Passengers can refund tickets 24 hours through website (including mobile client).Railway authorities remind passengers not only to calculate the date to buy Spring Festival tickets, but also pay attention to the starting time of each train station tickets are not the same.If you run out of tickets, don’t worry. When buying tickets on and APP, you can choose the function of “waiting for tickets”, and submit ticket demand by date, train number and seat. After paying in advance, the ticket system will automatically arrange online queue waiting.The 12306 system will automatically cash the tickets and inform passengers of the result of purchase once the tickets are returned or left.Within 180 days from the date of ticket refund on, please go to the ticket window of the station with the original valid identification card of the passenger used for ticket purchase and the order number to obtain the reimbursement voucher of ticket refund fee.Those who have not exchanged paper tickets and no later than the departure time of the ticket issuing station can handle the refund business at Railway 12306.Refund business can only be handled one by one;For e-tickets purchased in cash or with reimbursement vouchers, please go to the station window with relevant certificates (ticket purchase certificates and reimbursement vouchers) to complete the refund after completing online refund.For non-e-tickets that have been exchanged for paper tickets, please bring the original valid id of the passenger used for ticket purchase (and the paper ticket) to the ticket window of the station before the departure time stated on the ticket.Convenient refunds are not supported for air/rail combined transportation, iron/water combined transportation, time counting, regular tickets, non-e-tickets, group tickets, business travel tickets, station train supplementary tickets, telephone booking, student groups, railway E-card/Bank pass card.Source: Nanchang Railway Bureau, the paper