Hong Kong move | China mobile (00941) set up by more than 5% annual net profit year-on-year increase of 6-8% beforehand Morgan Stanley said preliminary results expected

2022-05-24 0 By

Zhitong financial APP learned that China Mobile (00941) afternoon higher, intraday rose more than 5%.It was up 4.35% at HK $50.4 on turnover of HK $1.754 billion.On the news, China Mobile released research reports, according to the prospectus of its initial public offering of A-shares, estimated last year revenue growth of 10-11% to 844.9 billion – 852.6 billion yuan, net profit growth of 6-8% to 114.3 billion – 116.5 billion yuan, are expected.The bank maintained its “overweight” rating with a target price of HK $70.The number of 5G subscribers reached 387 million at the end of last year, with a penetration rate of 40.4 percent, the bank said.There are 240 million broadband customers.