EDG vs WBG!LPL first release announced: SAN Gun vs Theshy, Viper vs line shine

2022-05-24 0 By

The 15th LPL Spring season will see two exciting matches, respectively the 17-point JDG vs OMG and the 19-point EDG vs WBG.One day before the game, LPL officially announced the starting lineups for both games.First is the game between JDG and OMG. JDG starts with 369, plays wild Kanavi, plays toothpaste in the middle, and hopes and missing in the bottom.OMG up shanji, wild Aki, middle creme, able and cold down.JDG has recently taken off, winning 3 in a row.OMG, on the other hand, has a lot of ups and downs, losing to V5 not long ago.Two views should be on the road, 369 after joining JDG poor performance from the beginning, to the most recent is playing better, and at the OMG single shanji also played well this season, as the LDL on the top of the single, and his hero pool operation has won the acceptance of many people, so on a single battle is the focus of many people.Of course, the key to deciding the outcome is to see the matchup in the middle field.In the second match between EDG and WBG, EDG started with The first single shengqiang, played wild Jiejie, the middle single Scout, and viper plus Meiko.WBG starts with theshy, sofm, Angel, huifeng and on.EDG is the world champion team and WBG is the former world runner-up plus the former world champion team, which should not be underestimated.EDG is sai showed the absolute dominance in the spring, they are all record, and win the game is very pressing force, WBG side, though only lost one, but the state is volatile, especially wild donkey, two people or play well, either playing poorly, there are always other teammates playing poorly out, but this time in the face of strong EDG,Not necessarily.Read the biggest gun is certainly at Columbia and theshy war, two champions on single must have been the focus of many fans are looking forward to with line, down the road is very good-looking, also 9 and refresh the dressing should be this season’s two best AD, but the overall meiko play much better than on, so the outcome of the road is likely to affect the final outcome of the game.So, what do you want to say about the starting lineups for these two games?Which two teams do you like to win?