Clear!This year, Chengdu will prepare to build 60 thousand houses and provide 20 thousand apartments for talents

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Good news!Chengdu will raise construction housing 60000 sets, 2022 (between) provide talents apartment 20000 sets of public housing rental subsidy 7000 households and small cloth together see details to raise construction housing 60000 sets (between) according to the ministry of housing and urban and rural construction bureau of chengdu housing security chief introduction, focusing on implementation all people live in somewhat, chengdu this year will continue to improve the housing security system.Above all, it is to enlarge the channel of raising money of room source.We will actively study and explore ways to guide multiple parties to participate in the construction and operation of low-income rental housing, fully tap the housing stock on the market, and raise 60,000 housing units for construction by 2022.The second is to speed up project construction.We will establish and improve a mechanism for coordinated development across multiple departments, refine and implement policies to support land, fiscal, taxation, and financial development, and accelerate the construction of additional and new projects to ensure that they are completed on time and in good quality and quantity.Chengdu’s first talent apartment project — Jinjiang District Jincheng Fenghui At the same time, Chengdu will actively carry out rent accommodation.As soon as possible, the houses that meet the rent allocation standards will be allocated to move in, and the achievements of construction will be translated into guarantee results as soon as possible, so as to enhance the satisfaction and sense of gain of new citizens.Create a livable environment.Scientific planning of project layout, reasonable determination of apartment type, area and rent standards, improvement of public supporting facilities, strengthening later operation management, optimization of system platform construction, and improvement of service level and living quality.In focusing on the integrated development of people, city and industry and standardizing the development of talent apartments, Chengdu will promote the construction of high-quality projects this year.Optimize the site selection of project planning, reasonably determine the ratio of apartment types and sales prices to meet the diverse living needs of talents, and supply 20,000 apartments for talents in 2022.The Wutongqi Talent apartment project in Chenghua District promoted the housing service efficiently.Chengdu will optimize and improve its talent housing system, making it a one-stop one-stop service for qualification applications, project presentations and policy announcements.Innovation and service mode, push “employment after the first housing” mode, strengthen the city attraction, power construction of national innovation talent highland to issue public housing rent subsidies, 7000 households in focus people happiness of life, improve public housing guarantee efficiency, chengdu will be double bind family of public housing security, speed up the existing public housing teng flow back,The government will give priority to low-income families and those who have to leave their houses.We will improve the quality of living in public rental housing communities, actively promote the joint construction, sharing and governance of public rental housing communities, speed up the development of smart housing, and strive to create harmonious and livable communities that put people first, so as to constantly enhance people’s sense of belonging and gain.We will increase subsidies for public rental housing, and provide greater benefits to workers in sanitation, public transportation and other public service industries and industrial functional zones. In 2022, 7,000 households will receive subsidies for public rental housing.Source | Chengdu Daily Jinguan