Wonderful work!A man went out to find the door was pried open when he came home

2022-05-23 0 By

The world is so big.A lot of things, only you think, do not do.Perhaps Hegel said: to be is to be reasonable.Recently, In Shanghai, Mr. Wang returned home after a party with friends and found the door of his home broken open by violence, the scene was a mess.Mr. Wang, the client, said: “AT that time, I thought there was a thief in the house. There was a security guard at the door, but I learned that it was someone else who reported the wrong address and the wrong number, so the door was broken open.Mr. Wang can not laugh or cry: feel particularly outrageous, did not expect to go out to the next home, was “stolen home”.Wang later learned that the police said he thought his friend had committed suicide after he failed to respond to the message he sent to his friend.Later, I learned that my friend had drunk too much to fall asleep, not to commit suicide.”At that time, I thought it was ridiculous,” Wang said. “I didn’t expect to go out for a drink and drink the house (door) up.”In the end, the caller paid Mr. Wang for a new security door.In this regard, some netizens think that security guards have the right to break in?Is it illegal to do so?If we start this process, will it hurt us?Another netizen joked: this incident shows that the police and fire comrades are highly professional and conscientious.Community security guards have a strong sense of responsibility and fulfill their duties.Get the wrong guy who values love and justice, who reveres life.The owner who is broken down is reasonable and magnanimous.Each phase good everybody make dumplings together.I have to say that the person who called the police is really a person who values love and justice. Although he was a little hasty and hasty, he thought at that time that he was also very worried about his friend’s accident. He made a mistake and volunteered to pay the money.