The 5th generation “Prado” concept edition exposure!It has a 3.5TV6 engine and a Lexus-like interior

2022-05-23 0 By

In the New Year, Toyota prado the classic large luxury hardcore off-road SUV is still a young man of focus of the present models have been developed to the fifth generation, the concept of the new version version of the official exposure, models will be matching 3.5 T engine turbocharged six-cylinder engine, in the overall interior like lexus models,It a whole new generation of Toyota prado 5 overall concept version of the difference between the model and the old model is large, full consideration to the young consumers of car concept and aesthetic, and integrated into the design elements and design concept of the domestic market, popular, provides the different movement and cross-country suite, suite for models to be able to join the new generation of younger hardcore off-road SUV.Fifth generation Toyota prado among numerous classic cars, Toyota prado update speed or slower, but the performance of the model more classic, in the domestic market has been the recognition of consumers, and the heat of the whole stand out, new fifth generation models adopted new design language, provides the different style appearance modelling,It can meet the aesthetic and demand of more consumers.Different design styles of Toyota Prado show different fields of energy, but each model is integrated with a sense of youth and sports, are more in line with the aesthetic of young people, at the same time, models added a lot of urban elements in the style of boomerang type daytime running lights, and the use of urban Tomahawk wheel hub.And models in the overall interior to lexus models, the large size of suspension control screen, and can provide the whole LCD panel, the features of the substantial and vehicle movement, fashion the appearance of the matching degree is higher, power will be carrying 3.5 T turbocharged six-cylinder engine, the overall strength of the obvious growth.Summary: The new 6th generation Toyota Prado was officially unveiled. Although it is only the arrival of the rendering picture, it has shown obvious advantages. It can have good competitiveness in the current domestic market, among the same class, city SUV and hard-style off-road SUV.