Spare no efforts to ensure stable supply and price of “Niangjia” love materials sent to “Three Districts”

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Changsha Yongrun Food Trading Co., LTD. Employees are preparing fresh vegetables, fruits and meat for langli “family members”.”I was at home, worried about having nothing to eat, so I heard a knock on the door. It was too timely.”On April 4, three days after Changsha county delimited the containment area, control area and prevention area according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, Miss Li, who lives opposite the archway of Tao Gong Temple, received a love material from 㮾 pear “niangjia”.”It just clicked, my fridge is filling up again!”Streets solid and efficient epidemic prevention work, residents are very surprised.After the confirmed cases were found in the area, Langli Sub-district of Changsha County responded quickly, established a front-line command system, provided daily supplies and supplies for residents in the containment and control areas, and called on caring enterprises to jointly fight the epidemic.On April 4, Changsha Yongrun Food Trading Co., Ltd. prepared 58 fresh vegetables, fruits and meat for free donation to the residents of the “two districts” under the call of the streets.At the same time, during the period of closed control, the company will regularly deliver goods to bring confidence and courage to the people who are quarantined at home.”We started as a food factory in Lang Pear and have a feeling for it.I want to express my love for 㮾 pears in my own way.Changsha Yong Run food trading Co., LTD., liu Yang told reporters that many of the company is a lang pear people, 3 night a heard to give a lang pear “two areas” residents to send supplies, have said to give their “family” the freshest fruits and vegetables and meat.”The management staff strictly controls the procurement, sorting and packing processes to ensure the quality of dishes.”Liu said.”Don’t worry, we are always here!”The head of the Epidemic prevention headquarters of Langli street introduced that the supplies in the sealed control area were delivered to the door by party member volunteers;The control area implements the measure of “staying in the area and picking up goods at the wrong peak”. One person in each family can go out for one hour to buy goods and materials in the area.At the same time, the street cooperates with online shopping platforms such as Xingsheng Optimization so that residents can shop online. Every day from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., community staff will go to the building in the controlled area to set the number of accounts for door-to-door sheet copy, help purchase and delivery services.”There are two supermarkets and one pharmacy in the controlled area, and stores that are necessary and needed can operate under the premise of quarantine regulations.Supplies purchased online by residents will be delivered at centralized pick-up points.”Liu Shaping, party secretary of Dayuan Community, said that not only that, there is also a large fresh supermarket and a farmer’s market 50 meters away from the control area, and they will provide supplies to the residents of the control area and the control area in a timely fashion.Launch party branch at the same time, the streets, residents, such as power, set up volunteer service, while to do a good job of conventional material distribution, also focus on the “three areas” part of the special groups, do one-to-one communication, in addition to the daily telephone access, safety warning, life in trouble, pay more attention to do a good job of service and the demand for personalized care for.Volunteers provide residents with door-to-door services, garbage collection, medicine buying and other voluntary services. Social workers set up wechat groups in different buildings to timely answer residents’ questions and provide comfort and guidance.At present, Langli Street has fully activated the material reserve emergency system, comprehensively strengthened the adequate supply of daily supplies, medical emergency supplies, etc., in order to win the epidemic prevention and control battle of annihilation to do a solid guarantee, to escort the safety of residents in the “three areas”.(Correspondent: Zhao Jiahui)