Shengshile endless, China wanli spring tides surging, vast eastern red sun

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Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian Sinology art thousands of miles, send spring, happy to meet the prosperous times of harmony.Sing the wind, shengshile endless, Shenzhou Wanli spring tides, vast eastern red sunrise.Spring breeze is not cold, the land of China new face, happy to meet the prosperity of harmony and joy.Prosperous Times Of China baiye Xing, social gathering qunying, the spring breeze in China.Harmonious society xing China, prosperous people’s livelihood rich township, like to see Shenzhou haodang mantingfang.Not romantic, grand spring a look, happy to meet the new atmosphere, harmony on the highest building.Tang yun millennium shengshi, song Wind wanli sing harmony, poetic heart haodang Spring tides, like to see flowers everywhere in Shenzhou.Harmony of the four seas Shengshihui grand plan, Wanli Universe weather Su.Autumn is another year, before the month under the flower coldon’t cry, where the jade people lean on tall buildings.Gaunt empty sad autumn, residual red by water, do not see the hall before where to find gentle.Birds silent, blowing cold dream is not, melancholy court flowers fall, Ming dynasty where to find residual English.Ming dynasty rain and wind last night, verdant willows, picked up the steps and peach blossom reflected red.Night deep, jade flute tears full jin, lamp predecessors do not sleep, the Ming Dynasty should be more sad.Wang Xie tang before the new willow, the Ming Dynasty is a spring, where peach blossom jade people do not see you.Jade flying lonely shadow lingding, the path in front of the Ming Grass green.Thoughts fly, rain, jade people where empty order can not bear to return.Empty order alone sad, where send acacia, before the court flowers fall Ming swallows know.The next few degrees of autumn, until the Ming Dynasty a song acacia tears, empty order no one alone sorrow.High hanging blue sky, pick up steps and step calmly, in front of the Ming River and east.Courtyard door flower is open, the Ming Dynasty is yan return, who jade flute blowing willows, overnight spring breeze green full steps.Home state, years of hard work for the people, did not change the first old, years vicissitudes of life several degrees in autumn.A few cry birds urge people, a few calendar by water, to ask where is the sound of the village, a dream of Yangzhou vicissitudes of life.The sound of thousands of miles away, vicissitudes of life years in the dream of elimination, after rough wind and frost rain and snow float.Vicissitudes of years around the ears, a few years of cold window bitter short experience bitter.Through the qianshan snow, several years of grinding into the village sound nowhere to find, vicissitudes of change total feelings.Sixty years of cold Windows, wind and rain zhi is firmer, rural voice has not changed the vicissitudes of disconsolate.A melodic tears two lines, life is short a few vicissitudes of life, after rough cold window temples dyed frost.Such as water, like broken string, years of wandering rough who pity.Through the rain wind several degrees of spring, a few years of hard work, the accent did not change vicissitudes of tears full jin.Another year, through the rain since leisurely, the local accent has not changed the first old, years vicissitudes of life dream pull.The end of the world where vicissitudes of life in the dream to find, all the hardships clear conscience several heart.Vicissitudes of life several times round, village sound times feel close, several years of cold window bumpy only come true.River all the way song, the number of changes wasted, the countryside has not changed the vicissitudes of emotion.Regardless of years, zhi Is strong, village sound around the ear vicissitudes of life already disconsolate.A folk song singing wind, vicissitudes of years with a few people, after rough spring and autumn has always.Sixty years, did not change the old yan, a few lines of wild geese in the clouds, a few calendar spring and autumn dream also.The wind and rain is still in, several degrees of spring and autumn dream did not rest, a song of homesickness years do not talk about sorrow.For several years the beacon smoke surprised hu Ju, a few wind and rain through the long pan, the local voice did not change the first old, read the vicissitudes of life heart from wide.Rich pastoral music, the construction site bumper spring tillage autumn harvest, rural areas become kang Zhuang.More starve to death, barren village wild ridge less geng fu, ghost axe carving insect technology, no wonder farmers do not know the map.Jiangshan such as paintbrush difficult to work, wanqing farmland is farming, don’t say poor township no good scenery, diligent farming music melt.May not be poor through real men, why not cultivate fishing old fisherman, poets have their own fame tired this farm.There is no arable land, poor mountains and evil water for the meaning of misery, the farmer lost joy at the dawn.Rush, spring gongqiao hand embroidered heaps, sowing rain manna, regardless of the poor for who.Camp three mu, why to ask a hill, self-pity without recompention, may as well farm travel.People from the painting for artistry, farming time to ask bitter xin, do not write a poor village garden spring.Farmer courtyard return night does not sleep, the old man helps plough to wear month to plant mountain field.The origin does not ask jin, fishing month ren naive, poetic artistic conception pastoral letter yun.Do not make farmland ploughing guest, poor and secluded areas no one knows, work frugally and live in peaceful and prosperous farming.One night open, draw Yao Tai, at the end of the ploughing husband belt month.Xing great, brilliant, plow cloud seeding rain poor tong Ben well-off.Ambition is not poor, sow rain ren Xidong, work frugal without hope, happy to live in peace and farming.Urging tillage night weiyang, poor and secluded young Lang, industrious thrifty farming valley mancang.Extraordinary workmanship open shengshi, shang Jia create brilliant, rural farming spectrum movement.Farm winter snow, son go out looking forward to return, early plow less people accompany.Wanli Sang, still remember the young crazy dream, the moon should know me, wandering son think kiss tears two lines.As the spring breeze remembers the way back, Sangzhe is still in his old village, looking back thousands of miles away from his hometown, the poor wanderer is in ecstasy.Hometown moon think pro tears two lines, catalpa return still remember the old time.Wandering child meaning hesitation, the dream is dim that year bright moon night, acacia a wisp sends soft mulberry.That night weiyang, stroke face Willow silk mulberry, hometown moon think kiss tears two lines.Wanderer meaning, difficult to know the hometown, still remember the parting place, sanggan river tears freely.Still remember when the first meet, experience feeling more thick, looking at home wanderer tears hazy.Wanderer meaning, the autumn wind thousands of miles of home, still remember that things, Catalpa is Ming.Sangyu evening scene and dusk, still remember the small gate, hometown wanderer tears stained towel.Dream hometown wanderer tears touch jin, sanggan river that year under the moon Yin.Wanderer dream, hometown, now still remember the vicissitudes of tears.Record in mind, mulberry field a dream empty, looking at hometown wanderer tears hazy.Lotus pond is hometown, tianya youzi river back late, still remember the water side.Two lines of tears, hometown moon according to other side, deep night still remember the words catalpa Sang.Goddess xiang King dream to find, xiaoxiang Yunyu tears touch jin, wu Mountain to no news, the sea changes in vain heart.A few years, dream broken wushan waste of self-pity, I do not know people’s affairs, into a goddess below earth.Wushan a dream for a long time wandering, vicissitudes several degrees, clouds and rain I do not know where to go, into the goddess under Yaotai.The clouds and rain fall on Yao Tai, the goddess Xiangwang dream, the two wandering.Goddess fei Yunyu Ren Xidong, Wushan dream to the zodiac.A few degrees to the sea, the dream wushan floating hate, empty careful female tears into line.A dream has thousands of years, a few changes in mulberry fields, clouds and rain do not know the goddess below earth.The clouds and rain came thousands of miles, and the goddess of The Jade Pool went down to earth.Where to go, dream, wushan a mulberry field full of tears.Several times in autumn, dream broken tears empty flow, once the cloud rain xiangwang hate did not rest.In a dream, the goddess of the west, have changed into the twelve peaks of Wushan.Goddess Xiangwang Yunyu two by it, Wushan dream broken tide born in vain.Dream wushan waste heartbroken, the sea has vast, I do not know yunyufeng tears two lines.The goddess will meet the two not doubt, do not love the sea.Waving waves, misty smoke, cloud and rain swaying goddess dance.The dream wushan not see jun, Sangtian canghai several destruction, sansheng before the memory of old friends.Difficult to dream, the goddess does not meet, have changed things, into wushan twelve peaks.The goddess will cowherd, the clouds and rain swaying night weiyang, the dream witch mountain changhaichangtian.A few vicissitudes of life, rough life long, laugh at the world of mortals more changes, free and unfettered time.See through the meaning is difficult to flat, free and unfettered ups and downs are all if dream, the ups and downs of life always close feelings.Outside of heaven and earth, laughing at the world of mortals all empty, if you have a bosom friend, how afraid of floating water to the east.– Zheng Huixian original Art #